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Mario Theodore white is a professional dancer and choreographer in the United Kingdom who went viral for his dance videos that were uploaded to Facebook. It turns out he has been deleting one of his two kidneys since he was a child, however, and recently had to have it removed due to “complications from the condition.” Here’s his story.

He was born with a condition called duplex kidneys – two fully functioning kidneys in one body. Usually, duplex kidneys are non-cancerous. With two fully functioning kidneys, his liver works overtime removing waste from his blood stream that would normally be delivered to one kidney. White was born with two normal but non-cancerous kidneys. However, at a very young age, doctors discovered that one of his kidneys, the one on the left side of his body, had been removed when he was still a baby. That’s when all hell broke loose for Mario.

Learn From These Mistakes Before You Learn About Mario Theodore White :

1. He was a hyperactive child :

The doctors performed a biopsy several years after his kidney was removed. They found that the kidney had been removed when he was still a baby, by accident. This meant proper surgeries and medications for Mario were sorely needed to stabilize the body so that it would no longer cause his health problems. Due to this, Mario fell behind in school, and spent most of his childhood bouncing from one hospital to another for various surgeries and procedures.

2. He was bullied :

Due to the surgeries he underwent as a child, as well as his hyper-active behavior from being bullied in school, he lived with depression throughout his childhood and teenage years.

3. He became a rebel :

During this time he was very angry and frustrated with his situation, and began to act out by drinking alcohol and eventually dropped out of school. He says that he felt like an outsider who didn’t fit in at school.

4. His mother abandoned him :

After dropping out of school in the seventh grade, White was unemployed for a few years. This is when his depression began to take hold, as he took it hard that both of his parents had abandoned him for the United States. To cope with the pain, he began drinking heavily during these years until one night when he was drunk driving and crashed into an oncoming car head on. He managed to survive the accident, but his left leg had been crushed and doctors told him that he would never walk again.

5. He was anesthetized for surgery :

After his accident, he had his leg amputated and began to face more surgeries. Doctors were able to save one kidney, which is why it didn’t fail and why it worked so hard to filter waste from his blood stream. This also meant that he needed multiple surgeries on his other side, as well as dialysis treatments done twice a week while they removed the dead part of the kidney over a period of months and years.

6. He became a professional dancer :

As he recovered from his surgeries, he began to volunteer at a hospital in terms of teaching dance classes to the elderly. He found that he enjoyed it and decided to pursue the career of a synchronized dancer, even partnering up with a dancer named Shianne Norman who was also born with two kidneys. He went on to enter Britain’s Got Talent and made it through to the semi-finals.

7. It was brought up that he had duplex kidneys :

After his stint on Britain’s Got Talent , White began uploading videos of himself dancing on Facebook . This is when people began noticing that he looked like a girl due to having one kidney on each side of his body. This was brought to light by a judge on Britain’s Got Talent, who said that “his gender is in question.” He says that the judges didn’t like him because his dance style and gender made them uncomfortable.

8. He had one kidney removed :

Because of the complications from the condition, he had to have one of his two kidneys removed . This is why he has been on dialysis treatments twice weekly for years, and recently had a surgery where doctors took out part of his other (healthy) kidney.

9. He was in the hospital for years :

He underwent 5 surgeries in a two-year period. The first surgery removed his left kidney and left him with only one functioning kidney for several years. While the second surgery was removing the dead part of the first kidney, he developed blood clots in his legs that traveled to his lungs and made it difficult for him to breathe. There were several other surgeries he had to endure as well. He says that this led to being in the hospital for years at a time, which made him feel like he wasn’t able to live life or “be a normal kid.” That’s what caused him to become angry, depressed, and rebel against authority.


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