List of synonyms that you should know

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Synonyms are words with a similar meaning.

 In this blog post, you will find a list of 15  top notch synonym  that you should know in order to broaden your vocabulary and make you sound smarter when speaking or writing.

1. Aggressive vs. Assertive

Aggressive means you are rude, confrontational, or too pushy. Assertive means you are confident, self-assured, and like to communicate your opinion or stand up for what is right.

2. Amiable vs. Affable

Amiable means friendly and easy-going while affable refers to a sociable person who is warmhearted or gracious in manner or speech.

3. Appraise vs. Evaluate

Appraise means to analyze or inspect something with care, while evaluate means to rate someone.

4. Emotional vs. Charitable

Emotional means you are feeling an intense emotion like anger, sadness, or joy. Charitable refers to actions that benefit others without expecting personal gain for yourself.

5. Equanimity vs. Impartiality

Equanimity is the complete absence of feelings like anger, jealousy, and sadness of which no one can control your emotions even if it is dangerous for your health or mental wellbeing. 

While impartiality on the other hand is the ability to be impartial no matter what happens in any situation so you remain unaffected by whatever happens around you at all times.

6. Unreasonable vs. Unprincipled

Unreasonable means you do not know how to accept a certain truth or fact because your opinion is set on a different thought or belief which does not make sense to anyone else. 

While unprincipled refers to someone who lacks moral principles and behaves in an unscrupulous way.

7. Vile vs. Crude

Vile means something that is extremely disgusting or repulsive while crude means unfinished or lacking refinement. 

For example, if someone said that the food was crude, it would refer to the food being prepared without care and attention but looks uncooked and half-baked so it is rather gross to see and taste for yourself.

8. Eminent vs. Prominent

An eminent person is someone who is very well known and respected by others so they stand out from the crowd.

 While a prominent person means you are at the top or front of something which is why you stand out from other people.

9. Impartial vs. Unbiased

Impartial means that you are fair and offer equal treatment to everyone while unbiased refers to people who do not allow their own interests or opinions to make them favor one person or group.

 It is important to remember this because an impartial person is fair and unbiased.

10. Idealistic vs. Utopian

An idealistic person believes in things like love, peace, and happiness which will never come true but you still believe in them anyway because they seem like the perfect way for everything to be in life. 

A utopian person, however, believes that everything should be perfect and you consistently see undesirable things happening around you so it is hard for you to stay optimistic and hopeful about anything.

11. Virtuous vs. Moral

Virtuous means someone who has good morals and is considerate of the needs of others while moral refers to actions that can be considered as right or wrong depending on the situation. 

For example, if someone said that a politician was moral, it would refer to them being honest with people instead of letting them down by taking bribes or committing crimes.

12. Blissful vs. Happy

A blissful person is very happy with their life and has nothing to complain about. While a happy person means you are just satisfied or content with an outcome or situation.

13. Sympathetic vs. Compassionate

A sympathetic person is one who feels sorry for someone, usually because they have experienced an upsetting thing in their own life so they want to help them heal somehow by being kind and soothing them in any way they can to make them feel better. 

A compassionate person, however, feels bad for others because you understand how they feel so you do your best to help them get through it and not feel alone in their journey of healing and overcoming the obstacle which caused the problem in the first place.

14. Acrimonious vs. Contentious

An acrimonious person is someone who becomes angry very easily and does not know how to control their feelings of anger so they get into fights over small things which causes them to get frustrated or hurt very easily. 

A contentious person, on the other hand, is usually aggressive and does not play nice when they are unhappy with something others said or did which causes them to be difficult to deal with.

15. Levity vs. Humor

Levity is the quality of being lighthearted and happy even though you are suffering from a problem like loss or death. While humor is about jokes and amusing people to make them feel good about themselves.


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