Localize/translate your promotional videos to expand your brand’s global exposure


Today video has become an essential tool to communicate the ideas with the customers and build an extensive relationship with them. As umpteen videos are being created by marketing creatives for promotional use on social media and OTT platforms, now is the time to delve into the market for direct customer engagement and to give you brand a global recognition. Putting out the video content to a diversified audience means a quick, concise communication with them and most importantly – in their own language. Professional translation services India make sure that the videos you localize are appropriate for the target market and resonate with the customs and traditions of the demographics that you want to target. Translating your videos effectively is an important element to enhance sales and ROI immensely.

Below are some of the advantages video translation brings to your table:

  1. Widen your audience reach

By translating your video content, you get the opportunity to engage the native users that will ultimately increase and widen your audience size. Video content translation means that you can engage with wider clients from a diverse population globally. This eventually results in the growth of your band and will give you a competitive edge over others who are limited to one language. Video translation is now being adopted by most of the top brands to enhance their product or services and reach out to a global audience. Marketers today know that there are millions of people out there who might want their product, and offering the video content in their native language helps them to diversify and enlarge the user base.

  1. High ROI
    Just like Elearning translations, translating your audio/video project has an exceptional Return of Investment. Creating a raw video requires investment, in terms of time, capital and labour. Delivering content in different languages requires artists, linguists, experts and creatives, which intern is not a single day’s work. On the other side, investing in excellent video content and then using a professional to translate it will help you to reiterate and use your content a number of times for multiple and diverse customers. You will just need to hire a proficient translator who can understand the project requirements and linguistic and cultural nuances to deliver the right video translation services.
  2. Enhance your search rank

If organic search is a part of your digital marketing strategy, then multilingual video translation can boost your brand image significantly. Translating a video not only affects your Google rankings positively but also helps you to receive more traffic from people interested in your content. If your video appears on multiple search engines, it will eventually boost your audience size. Furthermore, you will get to know on which content and subject your audience responds to more and this will drive up the future video sales. 

  1. Better audience engagement

Translating a video in the local language of the audience will definitely ensure that you grab their attention better. Presenting the video content to the clients in the language they’re most comfortable with, will lead to a more satisfying experience as well as more repeat business. People are more likely to buy a product with native language information and the language you use can therefore broaden your reach. Not only this, video translation can help to improve the retention memory as users can identify well with the information provided to them in their local language.

  1. Get noticed amongst your competitors

The digitized world today demands breaking all linguistic barrier and a content that serves a global audience can help you stand out from the crowd. Not providing the content in the native language can alienate many users who may term your product or services as ‘foreign’. Translating the video content means that you are tapping into a market that much of your competition cannot even hope to exploit. Pushing your products or services at a global field should always be an important element in your marketing strategy to acquire new business. 

People engage better with a video if the content is presented to them in their preferred language. You can either dub or provide subtitles to your video in order to translate it to the native market. While some audience prefer a dubbed video, others like to watch and listen to the original content along with subtitles in their mother tongue. This preference based on the size and language preferences of the market. Hiring a translator to accurately translate the content for your complete promotional videos is the only way to ensure that your message is conveyed the way you intend it to be, that your audience will fully understand and that they’ll be more likely to take a call-to-action. LanguageNoBar is a reputable Audio-Video translation company, helping companies to maximize their reach and customer experience by offering video translations for their promotional videos through native and skilled translators. By providing multilingual subtitles and voice overs, we are focused on enhancing the visibility of your brand, product or services. Our video translations are only carried out by professional and native translators who have years of experience in working with a variety of industries and can translate content in over 150 languages..

Video translation & video downloaders has a number of advantages that will become evident once you start catering to a global audience. So, don’t wait anymore – translate and make your videos, global!


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