Marketing manager salary in India 2021

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A marketing manager’s main responsibility is to focus on the company’s marketing manager salary

 He or she also oversees advertising, promotional material, print and electronic media, design and layout

social media campaigns, Internet marketing, writing press releases for both internal and external clients to generate publicity.

The marketing manager is responsible for generating revenue through effective customer targeting through their wider range of skills. 

The crucial role of the marketer is to establish what interest consumers will have before

 they make a purchase or choose not to purchase at all which will help them keep their customers pleased with the product they are sold.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of 2016, the median pay for a marketing manager was $112,250.

 However, according to PayScale’s research on Marketing Manager Salaries ,

 the mean hourly wage for a marketing manager is $54 and the average annual pay is $109,852.

The average salary of a marketer in India is Rs. 42 Lacs per annum with an experience of 4-5 Yrs. 

The entry level salary for this job role is Rs. 12 Lacs – 20 Lacs per annum with an experience of 0-1 Yrs. 

These professionals work hard and manage their time well which leads them to earn such high salaries.

Marketing managers are paid based on their total experience in the field. 

The more experience they have, the higher the pay becomes. Marketing managers also get a bonus for good performance.

Market research and analysis:

 Market research is a fundamental part of marketing manager salary 

gives him or her an idea of what to expect in terms of trends and consumer behavior, company offerings and competitors.

 Market research examines market trends and issues, competitor information, economic conditions and consumer demographics.

Formulating a strategy for product promotion: Marketing managers make sure the company has a unique product from its competitors. 

They work with advertising and sales managers to create a promotion plan to make people aware of the product as well as make its purchase an easy decision.

Compensation and benefits: A marketing manager salary is influenced by his or her experience and accomplishments. 

It includes monetary rewards, stock options, retirement plans and health insurance among other benefits. 

Different brands pay differently according to their policy and industry standards.

It’s important that companies hire marketing managers 

who know how to promote their products in an effective manner since this will determine whether they will be successful or not.

 It is very important that companies are not overpaying their marketing managers.

 As the job is regarded as one of the most competitive one available, there are many people who want to get a marketing manager role.

 A good marketer should have good research skills and be able to use them effectively.

Marketing managers are expected to make sure their campaigns meet certain goals set by management. 

They must explore different methods of promotions, such as digital campaigns, print campaigns, paid ad campaigns and so on. 

Depending on the company they work for, they may also be responsible for design and layout of promotional materials

 which is essential if they are to work with advertising agencies instead of creating their own materials themselves.

The marketing manager is also expected to maintain relationships with advertising agencies, sales teams, media buyers and other related personnel to make their work easier.

 This is important because they can’t do everything on their own.

They are expected to keep abreast of the latest marketing trends so they can apply them to the company’s promotional services. 

Most importantly marketing managers are responsible for research

 which helps them have a clear understanding of what consumers

 want so the company can reach the right market base which will lead them to succeed in their endeavors. 

Since it is a very competitive job, knowing how effective you are with your skills will get you hired over others.

Marketing managers 

are expected to have an understanding of their market place 

 what the competition is offering in order to provide the best service possible with their company. 

They are responsible for hiring marketing managers, making sure they are doing a good job in marketing.

Marketing managers are also responsible for product development, promotion planning and maintaining relationships with customers, 

which is essential if they are to succeed in this field. 

Marketing managers are required to work closely with the advertising team, sales team and other departments of a business as

 it will be very difficult for them to do all this on their own.

A marketing manager salary is the remuneration paid to a marketing manager for his or her services. 

A marketing manager salary is determined by various factors,

 including the company’s budget, the overall performance of the company and the experience of the individual.

A marketing manager usually works in certain sectors such as pharmaceuticals, retail, automotive or financial services.

 He or she may also work on behalf of different organizations such as advertising agencies, production companies, design firms and so on. 


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