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If you are a student of Michigan Tech, learning to use mtu software distribution and the software available on campus is an important step in development. We will go over some of the most common and useful pieces of software, starting with MATLAB.

MATLAB is a powerful general engineering and scientific programming environment that you can use to describe calculations and graphical presentations in a concise text-based language called M-code.

 To learn more about MATLAB, please consult the documentation available in hard copy in many of our offices.

 To make your M-code available to others, export it to a file for them to import into their own copies of MATLAB.

The next step is to make your MATLAB file run like an executable program by making it standalone (we’ll cover this in detail later). 

The standalone executable contains all the code necessary for execution. It can be distributed freely to anyone with a compatible computer running under any version of Windows.

 Because the code is self-contained, there are no external libraries or other files that will have to be transferred along with it.

To make your file standalone, simply right-click on the MATLAB executable in Windows Explorer and choose “Properties” from the context menu. 

From there, change the “Compatibility” tab to “Run this program with ‘Standalone’.”

After that step is complete, you can upload your file to any website that uses a standard web form for submissions. 

There are many sites that will allow you to host your files, but here are some examples:

1. yoyo.stanford.edu 

It is the home of MATLAB at Stanford University, and service is provided for free to all students, faculty, and staff in good standing for up to two years.

2. Scilab 

It is a project at Michigan State University that provides MATLAB files in many formats to Web users around the world.

 Registration is free, but you will need to sign up with your Michigan State Uid before uploading.

3. MATLAB Central 

This also allows you to upload your files to an online storage site .

 You are limited in how many times you can use it so keep watch on this page to see if they’ve made changes to the rules about this site’s usage policies.

4. WebCT 

This is more of a course site that allows you to easily post your work from class, but it can also be used for this purpose.

5. Google Sites 

Google Sites is a free, easy way to create a personal website, online portfolio, or blog. You can use it to make web pages and host your MATLAB files on the web.

 It’s very simple and easy to use – no coding required! Make a new site and you will see a list of templates – choose “Blank” and you will see a blank page with a quick link wizard that will help you get started.

 There are also instructions on how to add a site on the WebCT page, so it’s good to fill in that blanks on both sites.

If you do not have access to any of the above services, please visit the Michigan Tech Systems and Software Services website for information on where we can upload your file.

Facts about Michigan tech software distribution :

1. It is free of charge

2. Files are stored on the ftp server for 5 days

3. You can upload any file you want, not just MATLAB , see the list of what will be accepted here.

4. It is meant for students studying at Michigan Tech !!! If your professor doesn’t allow you to upload your files there, please ask them why they don’t want you to use this site, for educational purposes it is an excellent idea .

5. You must sign in to the site and give need your Michigan Tech username and password

6. If you do not want to use the same username and password, you can use any name for your files and check the “sign in anonymously” checkbox.

7. You can even upload documents that you don’t own .

8. If your professor wants to give you extra points for using MSDS or you need to upload files that go with assignments in your class, then this site is the place to use.

9. It is easy to upload/download files, just follow the instructions on this page !!!

Uploading files will take some time so be patient !!! Don’t unplug the computer or turn off the computer during upload, it could damage your work and break your internet connection.

 The uploader uses a parallel port so you won’t notice any difference if you use a USB cable .

10. Use the File Manager on the front page of this site . To download files , use the File Manager to browse the ftp server, then choose a file and click on “download file” at the bottom of that page.

 If you are downloading a zip file, then you will need to download that first .\


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