Moodle ins can planas- meaning

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roman kraft WUvBROPOsuo unsplash

Moodle ins can planas– meaning

This is a funny, long word. I made this word up when I was in the mood to write it. It’s not pronounced “mo-long” but it has an “oo” sound at the end of it.

 It also means that if you are an owl who loves the night, then you are a moodle in that you have no idea what time of day it is because you are always in the dark, just like your sheets.

 The name is just for fun though, because there are other words out there with similar meanings and are long.

A certain bird is having a baby shower. If you’re wondering, she’s a mother bird. This mother bird is about to have some eggs (not the ones you had for breakfast). 

She’d like to invite some animal friends, but it’s hard to find some because most of them are busy with their own families. 

She does manage to find 2 cats and 2 dogs, but they’re too busy too. She then finds 3 owls that will come to her baby shower.

The mother bird makes some owl themed decorations for the party, like paper plates with pictures of owls on them. 

On each owl picture there is a word under it that also starts with the sound of “O”.

Some points  about Moodle ins can planas :

1. What do we know about this owl?

– It can’t read because it doesn’t have a light. And the light is only turned on at night. So you better be quiet if you want to stay under the covers and not wake up the mother owl!

– It sleeps in a box, because it doesn’t like the feeling of falling asleep in a bed. But now that it’s egging, they need to lay their eggs now and now.

– It’s an owl, so it’s dirty and messy.

2. Did you know that there are other words that start with “O” and have similar meanings?

– There is a word that also starts with the sound of “O” and has the same meaning: “Obedient”. The word is: “obedient”. 

But if you read the definition, it doesn’t explain what we mean by obedient because we usually mean obedient to something, so we ask about its obedience. 

And if we said obedient to what, then this word would make sense. You ask that question to know if it obeys or listens.

– There are many words that have the same meaning, but just have different spellings. 

The most common one also starts with “O” and we all know this word. It’s the word: “Omelet”. “Omelet” is another word that means “egg”.

3. When you ask this owl if it can plan, what would it answer?

– It would say yes. Because the owl is unable to plan.

4. How is the meaning like “ins can plan”?

– There are many words that mean the same, but the different words that start with “I” (ins) give us different images of something. 

So there are many long words like moodle in but moonglish has lots of single sounds instead of 2 syllables like you might expect it to be. That’s what I meant when I wrote this word up.

5. What does moodle ins can planas mean?

– It means a feeling of being so sleepy that you want to sleep but you know that if you go right to bed, you’ll be too tired tomorrow morning. 

You’d rather stay up as late as possible and sleep at 11:30pm instead. 

The word also means that if the owl is a moodle ins, then it has no idea what time of day it is because at night, it’s dark and the only light the owl sees is the moon. The light of the moon is called moonlight and moonlights.

– The word moodle ins means that it’s a real long word and that you might not be able to say this word very fast, especially if you’re trying to point out the meaning.

 So I made up a new word: Moodle ins can planas which means it’s very hard for an owl to try and plan things when it’s in bed or when it’s trying to go to sleep! It also means that if the owl is a moodle, then it’s sheets are always dirty and messy.

6. If you’re the mother bird, how would you act if an owl can plan?

– If you’re the mother bird, you might be upset with the owl because it’s too late for it to plan anything. 

And if it’s too early, then you’ll be awake and not need to be woken up by the owl. So it is best to come up with a plan beforehand!

7. What is an idiomatic expression used in this article?

– “You’d better be quiet if you want to stay under the covers and not wake up the mother owl!” This means that if someone is sleep talking or doing something weird when they sleep, don’t make noise around them because they will wake up.


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