Must Have List Of HIERARCHY Networks

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Welcome to the HIERARCHY point of contact meaning that every blog owner needs to have on their radar. These networks provide a range of features for your business, from social media marketing and analytics, to partnerships with influencers and brand collaborations.

1. Bloglovin

This is probably the most popular directory of bloggers on the internet. They have over 5 million monthly blog readers, and over 5 million blogs that are linked out to. The service provides your blog with a following, analytics and an easy way to promote other blogs.

2. BlogMasters

BlogMasters is more than a directory of bloggers, it provides ongoing support from its Mentor network in addition to the list of bloggers that you can follow. Blog Masters has more than 150,000 active members and more than 300,000 active followers. It also provides analytics for your blog posts and social media updates which include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

3. The Boss Network

The Boss Network claims to be the largest directory of bloggers and influencers in the world with more than 3,000 active bloggers. Their directory is also searchable by keyword, category and region. Social media marketing is lacking on this network with no analytics available which leaves your social media growth to chance, rather than help.

4. The Blog Plug

The Blog Plug is based in Europe and has almost 7,000 blogs listed in their directory. The site provides a variety of ways to blog such as personal , lifestyle and fashion blogs in addition to an assortment of other categories. One feature that The Blog Plug offers above most directories are the partnerships that you can form with popular companies when you join a blogging network .

5. BestBloggingDirectory

BestBloggingDirectory is a searchable directory which claims to be the best for social media and blogging. A great feature is the ability to link up your various social media sites in one place so you can update them all at once.

6. BloggingPro

BloggingPro is another well-established blog directory that adds value to its members by promoting their blogs on other sites through their affiliations with popular sites like Squidoo and John Chow dot Com . Squidoo is a site where you can create what they call “lenses” based on an article you write. The lenses are then used by other bloggers as a way to tweak their own articles and make them unique for their readers.

7. BlogVault

BlogVault is a directory that provides the opportunity to enter your blog into the searchable database for a small fee. They also have an option for you to have your own website within their network, but with additional fees attached.

8. Bloggersalliance

Bloggers Alliance is an interactive directory of more than 6,000 bloggers, which allows you to find other bloggers in your niche as well as monitor the popularity of your blog through their site analytics tool. Its lack of social media networks leaves it trailing behind many other blog directories.  

9. The Blog Sponsorship Directory

The Blog Sponsorship Directory is a directory that provides you with other bloggers that are similar to your own, or you can generate a list of highly targeted blogs for sponsorship. You also have the option of buying sponsored blog posts from the top bloggers in your niche. This means that you pay only for the click-throughs which means they are more effective than sponsored ads placed by Google.

10. Blogging Directory

The Blogging Directory is similar to The Blog Log in that it provides analytics and searchable listings of blogs, but also provides social media networking tools for their members including Twitter and Facebook so you don’t have to create them yourself.

11. Blogs Directory

Blogs Directory appears to be the best searchable directory of blogs on the internet, however, because it is a search engine, rather than a directory it lacks the basic social networking functions that you would expect from a directory of bloggers. They do provide analytics for your blog as well as contact forms for guest blogging.  

12. Blogger Central

Blogger Central contains over 16,000 blogs in their directory which provides you with an excellent opportunity to find new popular bloggers in your niche and learn how to promote them on your blog with their extensive resources.  

13. BlogDigger

BlogDigger is a directory that provides a searchable database of blogs on the internet. It is similar to BlogMasters in that it has an affiliate program which gives you the opportunity to make money from your blog.  

14. BlogLovin

BlogLovin’s main function is their blogging directory with more than 5 million blogs listed, however, they also provide social media features for bloggers including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  

15. The Blogging Directory

The Blogging Directory claims to be the largest directory of bloggers on the internet with more than 10 million listed. Their blog directory is searchable by keyword, which is a great benefit for your blog. The main drawback is that they provide no analytics feature.  

16. BlogRankingWizard

BlogRankingWinking Wizard provides a social media tool to promote your blogs in addition to the blogging directory. Much like other directories they do not provide analytics of your blog posts but their social media tools are quite extensive and well worth checking out if you are looking to join a blogging network .  


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