Must-Have Skills for a Power BI Developer

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Before you learn about the must-have skills for a Power BI developer, let’s first know who is a Power BI developer and how to become one.

Who is a Power BI developer

A Power BI developer knows the nitty-gritty of Power BI tools. A Power BI developer is primarily involved in developing and administering Power BI tools along with a complete understanding of BI systems. A Power BI developer translates raw data into valuable insights with the help of interactive and simplified dashboards and reports. A Power BI developer adds value to an organization by playing strategic, executive, and managerial roles and responsibilities. 

How to become a Power BI developer

Becoming a Power BI developer requires a particular set of skills and knowledge, as discussed below:

  • A prospective Power BI developer needs to have an IT background and must have relevant experience in the field. Completing a comprehensive Power BI course can further help seek in-depth knowledge of Power BI and enrich the resume.
  • Having over four years of experience in data warehousing projects, data preparation, and data gateways is highly desirable.
  • Furthermore, familiarity with business intelligence analytical tools like SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS would help.
  • Lastly, knowledge of programming languages like SQL and JavaScript is a must.

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Must-Have Skills for a Power BI Developer

Skilled power BI developers need to have a specific set of technical skills as well as non-technical skills to perform their roles and responsibilities satisfactorily. Let’s get into the details of the must-have skills for Power BI developers.

  • Technical Skills
    • Prior knowledge of Power BI tools: It is a must for a Power BI developer to be well versed in Power BI tools such as Power BI Tableau, SAP, etc. Considering a Power BI developer’s primary roles and responsibilities, they need to be proficient in developing data-laden dashboards, writing DAX expressions, and managing row-level security implementation in Power BI.
    • Experience in the data-specific role: A minimum of 2-3 years of working with BI tools or any data-specific job role is highly desirable. Having this type of experience in data helps Power Bi developers to manage databases efficiently, carry data modeling, SQL querying, data warehousing, and be proficient in business intelligence and online analytical processing.
    • Understanding of Microsoft BI Stack: A thorough knowledge of Microsoft Business Intelligence stacks like Power Pivot, SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS helps you seek an added advantage.
    • Data Analytics: Power BI developers need to understand data, carry out the analysis process and convey data-driven insights in the form of easy-to-understand charts, graphs, reports, and dashboards.
    • Software Development Skills: Power BI developers need not master software development, however, having a basic idea will help them understand the technical aspects of things and meet the requirements adequately.
  • Non-technical skills

Along with the technical skills, Power BI developers must have the following non-technical skills:

  • Ability to collaborate with business and technical teams
  • Complete understanding of data design, data modeling, data management, and data visualization
  • Excellent communication and client handling skills
  • Ability to grasp things quickly as per the transforming business needs
  • Ability to multitask and great interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Outstanding leadership and management skills

If you seek a career as a Power BI developer, you must focus on the skills mentioned in this article and work hard to acquire them. This will help you to get an edge over others and take an early leap in your career.


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