No More Mistakes With MOVIES


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Movies have become an integral part of our culture and communities around the world. Whether it’s because we’re stuck at home, or in fact very active in watching them, they’ve become a type of entertainment that transcends numerous boundaries.

How can you stop making mistakes with movies?

1. Join Netflix or Amazon Prime

This is probably the easiest thing to do, but most people don’t do it. If you are a movie buff, chances are you have Netflix or Amazon Prime (or both).

2. Use free movie sites

There are a number of free movie sites available today. The best way to use these sites is to search by genre. Otherwise, best is to watch movies that are several years old, as they cost less and are generally better than the modern ones.

3. Go to library

You can find different movies here, regardless of their age. Most libraries have movies for you to watch, so it doesn’t matter if you lose your device. Additionally, you could get DVDs for a nominal fee.

4. Find movies on YouTube

If you are a movie aficionado and want to watch more recent ones in low quality video for free, then YouTube is sure to satisfy your needs. There are several channels that provide free access to hundreds of full-length films from around the world (and even in HD). It is important that you search by year and language (since some films have been released only in specific countries), but this option is free and easy enough that it’s worth checking out.

5. Go to your local library

Because of the Internet, people are forgetting how great libraries actually are. Most people think that they are only good for books, but this is not at all true! Many libraries have a plethora of movies you can watch for free. You can also find a list of good movies to watch on Netflix.

6. Download movies from torrents

This option opens up many different doors for you as far as legal options go. Torrents can be difficult to understand and use, but once you get the hang of it, there are great resources available on the web with quality content that won’t cost you anything in return (unless you choose to support them in some way).

7. Watch movies at your local theater

Some people have no qualms with going to the movies, and even live in theaters to see the latest Hollywood productions. However, you can also enjoy good old-fashioned movies every Friday at your local theater. New releases cost as little as $10 or $12 (depending on whether you get a ticket for the night).


8. Remember TV shows

It’s easy to forget about some of the best TV shows that air today, especially if they don’t appear on major networks like HBO or Netflix. If a show is still airing new episodes, then it’s worth checking out!

9. Put your favorite shows on DVR

If you plan on recording a particular show, then you can do so no matter how far away the recording is from airing. There are apps that allow you to do this for free.

10. Watch movies for free

You can also go to sites like Crackle or Amazon Prime and watch movies for free on television. Be sure to check the website before making your purchase so that you know what type of content is being offered there.

11. Rent movies

Although rarely used, some movie rental stores are still active. I personally have been to one in the last 2 years, and I can attest that it was very affordable to rent movies for a day or two, at a very low price.

12. Watch movies with your friends

This is a great way to enjoy any movie of your choice! If you have friends from all different walks of life and backgrounds, then you can get together and watch particular films that you know each other will enjoy. You will be guaranteed that no one will ever fall asleep during the film!

13. Watch movie classics

There are a lot of great classic films that many people don’t know about anymore. Sure, you can find these on Netflix or some other site, but if you’re looking for an affordable and easier alternative, then you can always just Google the movie and watch it from your device. It will cost you nothing!

14. Find movies on the radio

Some of the best movies are played on mainstream radio stations. You may be able to find some movies on popular music channels like MTV or VH1 (depending on whether they have rerun programs). This is also a great way to enjoy new releases since they play older ones now and then.


Movies are an integral part of modern culture, and have become a way to share our lives with others. While some people may argue that movies are not for us, I would argue that we need movies more than most people think. Going to the theater, watching them at home or on your phone: it doesn’t matter as long as you watch films more often.  The world would be a much better place if people did!


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