Online bill payments: saving time & efforts across the globe

Online bill payments
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Your search to know how to pay your bills online and save time ends here.  India’s cities and rural areas are now paying bills online to save time, cost, and efforts. Because of the 1.38 billion Indian population, over 1.18 billion people have mobile connections, out of which 700 million use the internet and 600 million have smartphones.  Hence, paying any bill like Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited or UPPCL online bills is easy and fast now.  So, you should know how to make online bill payments and their many benefits.  

How to pay UPPCL online bill?

Uttar Pradesh is a highly populated and also the fourth largest state in India. People had to travel long distances to pay their electricity bills & failing to do it in time would add up fine to the bills and blackout would cause a lot of hardship. Hence, for the past two decades, UPPCL, formed in 2000, has provided a professionally managed utility supply for cost-effective electricity for all citizens.  It uses state-of-the-art technologies and makes the payment of electricity bills easy by following simple steps:

  • Login to 
  • Enter the unique account number, which is ten digits for urban areas and 12 for rural areas
  • Enter the registered mobile number
  • View the bill to know the amount
  • Click the pay bill option
  • Last is to key in the amount and pay it with any of the UPI payment apps 

And that is all you have to do to pay the bills online with no hassles. 

MSEB bill online payments

Maharashtra is popularly known to be one of  the industrialist states in India and Mumbai, which is its capital city and the financial hub famous worldwide.  Mumbai is the second most populated city and Maharashtra, the third-largest state in India. Hence, people have to pay electricity bills from far-off places, and it is only the payment apps that make Maharashtra State Electricity Board or  MSEB bill payment online easy for them.  MSEB, formed in 1960, is one of the oldest state government electricity boards operating successfully for the past 60 years. After restructuring it in 2003, MSEDCL or Mahadiscom is the site to pay the electricity bills.  It is easy to pay the EB bills by registering with WSS or a self-service portal on the MSEDCL site.  Using the login ID and the password, you can view and pay the bill by clicking the My Account option.  You can also pay the additional deposits, create and track requests, among others. 

Benefits of MSEB bill payment online

There are many benefits of paying the bills online with payment apps that includes:

  • Pay the MSEB bills online with payment apps with no hassles and from the comfort of your home. 
  • It is easy for anyone to register, enter the account number, and pay the bill without traveling off distances and standing in long queues to save time, cost, and effort.
  • With mobiles, it is far easier to do it anytime from anywhere, even at the last minute, to avoid any fines or blackouts. 
  • Since UPI gateways are safe and secure with a unique UPI ID, there is no need to worry about any wrongdoings by others.
  • With payment apps to pay bills, there is no need for disclosing any bank details to have privacy and be secure from any hacking or other issues.
  • Mahadiscom provides a PDF copy of the bill for confirmation for payment which is acceptable for many purposes.
  • It is eco-friendly as no cash or cheques are involved and no travel to the electricity board offices to pay the bills.
  • Paying MSEB bills online is cost-effective as it takes only a few clicks on the mobile phone or the desktop or laptop
  • It is possible to pay any amount in advance and part bill amount on the WSS portal with payment apps to adjust with the next bill amount.
  • You can get coupons, discounts, rewards, cashback from many payment apps to reduce the cost of the electricity bills 

From the above steps to pay the electricity bills and their benefits, you will surely know the many uses of payment apps for paying bills online for saving time, effort, and cost.  


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