Pdf Share Thread Has The Answer To Everything

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windows JW T2BH5k5E unsplash

The PDF Share Thread Has the Answer to Everything

You’ve probably experienced it at least once. Even if you haven’t, I hope you can relate to this scenario: You’re hanging out on 4chan and there is a discussion about something that really interests you. Someone makes a good point, or draws a really cool picture, and suddenly everyone starts pitching in with their own thoughts on the topic. But then one person posts this PDF with all of these font styles and fancy symbols in it…and you can’t read it! You don’t know what a radicool font is, let alone how to use one. And oh god, the symbols…the more you stare at them, the more alien they seem. Suddenly the discussion has stalled and that pdf share thread has left your mind as quickly as it entered it.

You don’t even remember what the PDF was about in the first place.

This is where I come in. I’m going to show you how to use a PDF. It’s really not as hard as you thought it was.

-The first thing you’re going to want to do is download a PDF reader (the link will be at the bottom of this article) and install it onto your computer. If you don’t have one already, I highly recommend Foxit Reader, as it is not only easy to use, but fast and light weight as well.

-I would also strongly suggest that you download Foxit when possible because that program has the best support for text styles out of any of the other free readers out there. And it’s free. -You don’t see that very often. No need to install a $50 program to get a $0.50 PDF reader.

-Once you have your reader installed, it’s time to work on the readability of our PDF. Open up the PDF in your reader and look for where the header is, which is at the top of each section of text on your document, and click on the “Text Style” buttons near the top right corner of the window.

windows JW T2BH5k5E unsplash

-Foxit has many different types of text styles like bold, italic, underline, etc. But for this tutorial, we are only going to worry about the three that you definitely need to know, which are outlined in red in the picture below.

-Italic: If you see something written in italics that is NOT a word, it’s most likely an acronym and should be impossible to miss. If you are looking at an acronym that isn’t in italics and want it to be, just click on that particular letter or section of text with your mouse and select “Make into Italics” from the Text Style menu.

-Underline: Most readers will automatically underline any text that has the “Underline-Box” symbol next to it. If you are looking at a document that has already been underlined and would like to turn it off, just click on a section of highlighted text, and select “Remove Underlining” from the Text Style menu.

-Colored Text/Bold: Well of course you know about bolded text. But for some reason color is not a feature that most PDF readers have. Many times it is included though, so make sure you check those green boxes too!

-So now you have learned the most basic fundamentals of how to read a PDF. The next thing you should do is go over to Wikipedia and read the article on PDF. Foxit also has a great tutorial, and many other programs like Adobe Acrobat also have some great help files.

There are tons of other text styles out there, and if you find that you want one that your program doesn’t have, just Google “YOUR PDF READER + text style” and you should find a solution.

-The one thing I would say to avoid is MS Word, because it imports its own styles into PDFs that most readers can’t handle properly. It will still export the document properly though, so don’t be too worried about that.

-And now you are a master of PDFs! I hope that you’ve learned something and that I’ve made 4chan a better place, one awesome PDF at a time. So the next time you’re not able to understand a PDF, please try to be more patient and give it a second chance. The whole point of this article is that you can still be smart enough to know how to read things when it really matters.


PDF is a complicated file format and you need to spend some time with it before you will be able to understand it. You will be able to read the actual document, but the text styles and symbols used in it are something that you’re going to have to learn.

-If you can’t download a PDF reader, then at least look up some tutorial sites like wikipedia.org or something similar. I hope this helps, and remember that Foxit is free and easy to use!


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