Pet Oral Care and When to Visit a Pet Dentist

Pet Dentist

Getting a dog is one of the most precious moments for a pet lover. However, taking care of your pet might become challenging at times, especially regarding their physical well-being or oral health. 

Speaking of the latter, when should you take your beloved furball to the vet dentist? Usually, when your pet has bad breath or broken teeth, you must visit the dentist.

Read here to get all the answers related to all your pet’s oral health-related questions. 

How to Know Your Pet’s Dental Health is Bad? 

It would help if you visited pet dentistry twice or once a year to keep your doggy’s oral health in check. It will help you determine any early problems and get them treated soon to keep their mouth healthy. 

Observe for the following problems and signs in your pet: 

  • Terrible breath 
  • Discoloured teeth 
  • Loose or broken teeth 
  • Any tooth covered in tartar 
  • Retained baby teeth 
  • Abnormal chewing 
  • Drooling and dropping of food 
  • Refusal to eat and reduced appetite 
  • Pain around the mouth 
  • Swelling and bleeding from surrounding areas 

Your dog can become more irritable and annoyed due to dental problems as a psychological effect. Hence, if you see any sudden changes in their behaviour, ensure to visit the vet promptly. 

Remember: Don’t try to examine their mouth by force; an animal in pain can bite! 

What Causes Bad Oral Health for Pets? 

There are various reasons why your dog is exhibiting bad oral health. Even though cavities are less common in dogs, it’s a possibility. Besides, the reasons why your dog can develop dental problems are many. 

  • Periodontal disease 
  • Tumours in their mouth 
  • Abscesses in the teeth 
  • Infection of the gums 
  • Cysts behind the gum 
  • Misalignment of the bite 
  • Malocclusion of the teeth 
  • Fractured or a broken jaw 
  • Cleft palate or other palate defects 

The only way to treat these problems is by visiting a vet dentist. Indeed, your pet must be in pain if they have any of these problems; make sure to look for signs making your pet uncomfortable. 

What is a Veterinary Dentistry? 

A vet dentist will give your doggo a good cleaning, filling, and adjustment of their teeth. They can even perform extraction and repair on your pet’s teeth. 

Every aspect of your pet’s oral health falls under veterinary dentistry

Vet dentists will perform all the procedures to keep your dog’s dental health proper. You can consult a board-certified doctor who is professional enough to complete all the dental procedures. 

In its essence, it’s the science behind the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dental diseases in your pets. 

They are equipped to treat all conditions, disorders and diseases found in your dog’s oral cavity. 

The Bottom Line

Australia has numerous establishments dedicated to providing the healthiest life for your pet. The country has over 5 million dogs as pets, so the extent of pet care is justified. 

One of them is vet dentistry. Look for symptoms like bad breath, appetite loss, tartar and broken teeth to understand when to visit the vet dentist. You must not ignore these oral health systems as they could show a latent periodontal disease. 

Ensure to take your beloved doggo to the neared veterinary dentistry every few months for a routine check-up. This way, your pet will have good oral health throughout its life. 



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