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You probably won’t be running across many people that try to tell you that the popular and iconic Lugers of the past century, iconic and popular as they are, have as many owners stateside as platforms like the venerable M1911 or even any of Colt’s Black Powder Revolvers. You will still come across a lot of people that own them; the widespread repute of the firearm hardly needs an introduction. Even if you don’t have one, you’re probably personally familiar with the slightly more ubiquitous 9mm Luger, often shortened to the simple “9mm.”

However, anyone reading this who does have a personal spot in their collection for a Luger is likely to need two things on a rolling basis, provided he or she uses the platform in question as more than a simple historical collectible. 

Anyone who makes their Luger into more than just a piece of visual art and actually takes it to the range or competes with it, which is something that you might be surprised to hear that people do. One thing these shooters are going to need is ammo, which, interestingly enough, for some models, is the 7.62×21 Parabellum round. It’s not particularly common here because relatively few people use it. Understandably, if your firearm does, you are one of those few. 

The other thing the owner of a Luger pistol is going to need is access to a respectable collection of Luger parts. When you consider the additional fact that many Lugers are aging models, the need to find a supplier of such parts for repairs and replacements becomes even more pressing. 

As a relatively old semi automatic platform, the originals used a complex action that is unlike the slides and actions of many other modern pistol assemblies. Both modern and aging pistols have moving parts that wear out, break and need replacement or tuning. The difference is that parts for more prevalent pistols are easier to come by here in the United States. You might have to do a little more digging for Luger Parts

That is, unless you know where to shop and why, without having to do any demanding guesswork. That Luger of yours is a sensitive and fragile instrument; reliable when properly serviced, but prone to failure when it has not been maintained properly. The point here is, don’t do more work than you need to when you’re looking for bits and pieces that are hard to come by. Many gun shops won’t have them; you need to go where you know you can get them. At the very least, you have to shop somewhere that has staff that knows what you need and why and where you can get it. 

That place is Sarco, Inc., and lucky for you, you don’t really need to be local to shop there. It’s hard to beat the reliability and knowledge of the local gun shop, but Sarco Inc.’s staff provide all the feel and confidence of the local shop but from the convenience of an online shop.

Visit Sarco, Inc. for Luger parts and soon you’ll be visiting their website for much more. Whether you need an obscure part to repair your pistol, a brand new cleaning set complete with rods, guides, brushes, solvents and patches to keep it in excellent working order, or just some advice on how to diagnose a problem, they’re your team. Check out their website to learn more today. You can reach it via the link above, and if you still have additional questions, you can ask them directly. Get someone on the phone anytime you need help at 610-250-3960. 


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