Pool Maintenance: How Does It Vary With Seasons?

Pool Maintenance

Owning a pool is a privilege. It is often one of the bases of social status, and if you own one, it means you’re one of the wealthy people who have the luxury to enjoy a personal and exclusive swimming pool at home. Isn’t it nice to invite some friends over to have a pool party at your house? You don’t need to spend on a resort booking.

However, as a pool owner, it is also your responsibility to maintain its cleanliness to ensure the safety of anyone who swims in it. But of course, you might be too busy to maintain it yourself, especially if you don’t only own a personal pool but also a public resort. Thus, it is advised to get professional help in pool servicing, especially when your business is high in demand. Most repairs may be avoided by purchasing a pool enclosure or installing an electric pool cover, which keeps your pool from being unclean and damaged, thereby saving you money on repairs.

Additionally, pool maintenance varies in every season since each season has different weather patterns. It is important to know what to expect when you hire pool servicing at a specific time of the year.

Seasonal Pool Maintenance


This season is the start of opening beach and resort businesses once again because it’s starting to get warm. It is also a good time to invite your friends because it’s not too cold to swim anymore. During spring, the maintenance team usually only cleans the pool before opening it again to the public. They shall remove the covers, skim and clean the pool, balance chemicals, check pumps and other equipment if they are still in good condition. The staff must report all of their findings to the owner and discuss possible solutions if there are other unresolved issues with the pool.


If you think the pool areas are already too busy during spring, house pools and resorts are even busier in the summer season. Hence, business owners should maintain their pools weekly. Skimming pool debris and checking the pH level of the pool are also included in pool services to ensure the safety of the pool water. Public pools also need drain covers, handrails, perimeter fences, pool lifts, and other essential items in case of emergency.


It’s starting to get cold again during this time of the year. Fewer people would go to beaches and resorts. So, the maintenance setup for fall is quite the opposite of spring duties. The pool servicing staff would mostly focus on pool cover equipment since some pools would start to close again. They also add chemicals to the pool to prevent algae growth.


The pool is least maintained during winter because this is when most people would stay indoors. After all, it’s too cold outside. No one would dare to swim in the cold breeze – not unless you’re brave enough to try. But a simple cleaning and installation of safety pool equipment are also essential to do in winter.

Things to Consider in Selecting the Best Pool Service

Credibility and reliability

Do thorough research about nearby pool services in your area and check for customer reviews to ensure that you’ll receive high-quality service. 

Types of services

Another thing that you also have to check is the type of services they provide. Some pool services vary from others. They might have a different package than other companies. For example, it might depend on the type of pool you have, like fibreglass, vinyl liner, or concrete. It would be best to check their services first and see if they are the most suitable for your pool.


It is always necessary to think about the budget first before making any decision. Make sure that you would get what you pay for. Like the first one, do some research and ask other people for reviews and recommendations of high-quality pool services at a reasonable price.

Maintaining a pool varies in every season. You might need to have your pool cleaned multiple times during summer because it is when people love to swim. In winter, maintenance is quite easy because you don’t have to do a lot for your pool. And when you plan to hire a professional pool service, make sure to research the company first and check their credibility and reliability, types of services, and cost.


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