Product Manager Turns Their Product Into Successful Brand


In this article you will learn how a Product Manager turned their product into a successful brand outlined by The Perez Notes . First, they created an effective marketing strategy that made the product appealing to the masses. They also launched compelling advertisements, and integrated social media to garner popular support from online consumers. Lastly, they managed their company’s blog to help create a bond with consumers and influence what type of products would be released next. Even though these approaches might not work for all companies, this case study is the perfect example of the marketing strategies that work in today’s world.

In 1972, Eileen Fischermann started her own company called Kombucha Wonder Drink. At that time, she had no idea that her drink was going to become such a hit three decades later. She founded the company in Los Angeles because she noticed a growing interest in natural and organic foods and decided to start her own business. She began experimenting with fermented teas and kombucha was born. The company didn’t do well at first because it wasn’t easy for people to say the name “kombucha” and it caused confusion about what it actually was. 

What Does a Product Manager Do?

Effort to improve

In an effort to improve its image, the company hired a chemist from UC Berkeley to research its ingredients.The lab results revealed that kombucha has five times the B vitamin count of wine and ten times the antioxidants  of green tea. The company also began to advertise their product on the radio, television, and magazines. Eileen was able to successfully execute her marketing strategy by changing “kombucha” to “The Original Kombucha Wonder Drink”. This new title caught on with consumers because it made sense instead of simply saying an awkward word.

After developing this new recipe, Fischermann decided it would be best to broaden her company’s reach outside of Los Angeles. She started by sending sample bottles to health food stores throughout the country. The entire time, she was careful not to mention that her drink was made with tea and kombucha. She also began to advertise her product on the radio and television and had an ad campaign about her product in People Magazine. This strategy worked because it had a high ROI (return on investment). In the end, she was able to expand her company’s reach from just California.

Experimenting with advertisements

Once Eileen Fischermann realized how successful her product could be as a brand, she started experimenting with advertisements as well as social media marketing strategies. In 1984, she hired a new advertising agency called Clarins Advertising which specialized in developing ads for natural foods products. The first ad they created for her was based on the idea that kombucha is a drink with a “sick” feeling. In it, Eileen Fischermann was seen lying on the couch in a bathrobe with a bottle of kombucha.  

She was holding a cup of tea and looked as if she was lactose intolerant.  This ad campaign worked by showing how modern kombucha is not what people remember from their childhoods. This ad also received high ratings because it played off the discomfort many people experience after drinking alcohol or consuming too much caffeine. The time period in which this ad ran was during the early 1990’s so it wasn’t out of place at all.

New advertising agency 

After Clarins left her company, she hired a new advertising agency known as Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. They created a highly successful ad campaign called “Kombucha Mamma”. The first ad they created for it had an old lady with gray hair on the cover of “Oui” magazine.  Inside of that issue were pictures of women drinking kombucha while doing various activities such as gardening. The ad was so successful because it played on the consumer’s perception of their mothers drinking kombucha. It was relatable to many people who don’t want to think or look like their mother or grandmothers.

Fischermann was one of the first people to integrate social media in her marketing strategy. On Twitter, she posts various inspirational quotes such as “Make better decisions. Drink Kombucha”, and “Good looks don’t make you happy; happiness makes you beautiful.” She also posts information about when stores will sell kombucha or when a new flavor comes out. 

Pictures of celebrities

On Facebook, she has a page called “The Original Kombucha” that has over 7,000 fans. Her blog is also extremely popular because it received an average of 500 page views per day since it started in 2010. Her blog is titled “Kombucha Mama” and has many recipes that go along with the brand. For example, she has an article on how to make a kombucha cocktail. In addition, she has a page that features people enjoying kombucha as well as pictures of celebrities drinking her product.

In closing, Eileen Fischermann was able to turn her product into a successful brand by changing its name from “kombucha” to “The Original Kombucha Wonder Drink”. She also hired a new advertising agency and created a new ad campaign which featured a cover model named “Kombucha Mamma”. She was able to successfully create online buzz by posting quotes on Twitter and other social media sites accordingly.


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