Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Dual Snowboards

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skateboard 7

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are plenty of reasons why you should fall in love with dual snowboards. Dual snowboards provide one of the most exciting surfaces to learn and progress on. They make it easier for beginners to get up and ride, and they also make it easier for expert riders to take on drops, jumps, rails, cliffs and other obstacles. Plus dual boards are just plain awesome because they have two boards instead of one! Dual snowboards are also great because you can have a good time with your friends without having to fight over riding time or space. In this article I am giving you the top three reasons why you should fall in love with dual snowboards, something that I have done myself. Being able to ride with your friends without fighting over one board is a great reason to fall in love with dual snowboard design.

Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Dual Snowboards :

1. Dual snowboards have more room for error

To pick up a dual board, you are first going to want to get rid of your old board and all the associated equipment that goes with it. By getting rid of all that equipment, you are saving yourself from spending a lot of money on something that you will completely hate in a few weeks. Once your old board is gone, you can start thinking about learning how to ride dual boards. Here is what needs to happen in order for you to really fall in love with dual snowboards and start riding:

You need a good instructor who will teach you proper techniques and safety measures. Once you master the basics of how a dual board reacts, you can start trying out more advanced maneuvers.

2. Dual snowboards improve your balance

When you fall off of a dual snowboard, you don’t have to worry about falling on the ground and hurting yourself as badly as you would if you fell off of a standard snowboard. Instead of falling on the ground, your body will move away from the board in a slow and controlled fashion. This is because your body is not necessarily attached to the board itself when riding duals. If you are feeling daring, this can be a great way for you to challenge yourself and give you the ability to perform flips without actually performing any flips! No matter what kind of rider you are, dual snowboards will help improve your balance because they give riders more room for error.

3. Duals are fun for everyone

The best way for beginners to get used to riding a dual board is by starting on a standard board. Once you ride that board for at least a week, you will start to realize how much more freedom it affords you. You can experiment on the boards that you have ridden with your friends and family and learn more advanced skills that are unique to dual snowboards. When you feel comfortable enough with your learning goals, it’s time to go out in public and play! Being able to take advantage of this amazing piece of technology will give you a lot more confidence as well when riding in public somewhere.

If you are a beginner, getting information from someone with experience is going to help you a lot. You can talk to people who have been riding for a long time and they will be able to give you advice. Once you know the basics of what dual snowboards are all about, start reading up on everything you need to know about them. If you feel that you can’t ride other regular boards after using duals for a while, don’t be afraid to sell them off and buy some new duals.

4. Aerial tricks with dual snowboards

Once you get the hang of skating on standard snowboards, it may be time to give a pair of duals a try. The best place to start is by doing aerial tricks! Once you master how to do things like kickflip and nosegrind, start challenging yourself with more advanced moves like 360’s. This will put your body in the right position to perform more advanced aerial tricks that will impress people.

5. Dual snowboards can handle any style of snowboarding

Dual snowboards offer more versatility than the average board, which is why they are more popular than ever. You can ride them at any speed and ride with any kind of style, whether you are a freestyle rider or a racer. Either way, they are great to have around when you want to skate with your family and friends in the winter time. Dual boards are also great because they don’t have as many sharp edges that can hurt kids or people who have sensitive skin. Since the board itself is not really united to the rider by anything, there is less chance that it will cut into your arm or leg.


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