Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (RDO), is much more expansive

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scott broome BcVvVvqiCGA unsplash

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (RDO) is the latest game mod. This game mod alters dialogue throughout your game making it deeper, longer, and more expansive.

This project is the culmination of three years of data mining to make this possible. 

It was compiled by Sheai_Akiri with help from many others in the community including TheExiledOne, KajiraLite, and Poi Poi Poi Poi Poi Poipoi.

This mod currently edits the following:

Major relationships:     Sole Survivor’s spouse dialogue     Settler’s relationship dialogue (Also includes a perk to influence settler decisions) 

    Companion’s relationship dialogue (Includes extra lines and the ability to gain an extra companion)   

  Leader of a faction’s relationship dialogue (Synths, Railroad, Brotherhood, Minutemen, and Institute) Minor relationships:  

   Raider Dialogue     Settler Dialogue      Caravan trader dialogue      General NPC (Named NPC or generic NPCs in camps/factions etc. 

Will not work on unnamed NPCs)       Named Super Mutant dialogue      Mr. Gutsy dialogue      

All NPC with Protectron dialogue (The ones which aren’t already in vanilla game)

1: Requirements

2: Installing the mod.

3: Uninstalation/Updating the mod.

4: Details, Known Issues and FAQ’s.

5: Credits and Thanks!

6: Troubleshooting

7: Permissions

8: Changelog

1: Requirements.

  RDO requires Fallout 4 v1.5.141 or greater and the Contraptions Workshop DLC.

 It will not work without them the mod will not function at all without both of those things installed and active. 

While RDO does not depend on any other mods for functionality, it does require a number of things from other mods in order to work as intended, 

see Notes section for that information regarding what you need to have installed from mods other than RDO

 in order for it to function properly even if you don’t plan on using those other things(T45d Power armor etc).

2: Installing the mod.

RDO can be found at either of the following two locations:

1. In the Pipboy by searching for “RDO” 

2. Under Mods in the Fallout 4 launcher under my username(Konane) with a file name of Relationship Dialogue Overhaul 

If you choose to uninstall RDO from your system, it is recommended that you delete all of its files first.

3: Uninstalation / Updating the mod.

RDO is meant to be a persistent mod, meaning that it does not un-install like traditional mods, 

instead installing it once and it remaining active in your load order from then on out completely removing the need 

to ever re-install the mod after making updates and patches to keep the mod stable and functional

 this also means that if you remove RDO from your load order while still having any of its files installed you will start encountering bugs or missing content.

4: Details, Known Issues and FAQ’s.

Note that not every NPC you encounter will have every line of dialogue added by RDO, NPCs are picked at random 

 may not have any extra lines at all. Also note that certain events may seem weird or buggy to you,

 but this is because the mod has not been updated to work with the current game version yet and will be fixed up in later versions.

5: Credits and Thanks!

Sheai_Akiri – Lead Developer, on-going management, writing of the dialogue, balance and narrative design. Also wrangling data.

KajiraLite – Graphic Design, Logo Design, and on-going graphic editing of the images.

TheExiledOne – For helping re-write all of the dialogue for all of the vanilla companions and providing a few other fixes as well.

Poi Poi Poi Poi Poi Poipoi – For helping with the conversation editing by providing new dialogue for multiple NPCs and suggestions.

Overhaul Games – Providing a tool which made it easier to edit relationship dialogue called 


6: Troubleshooting

While I have never encountered any issues out of the ordinary with this mod, there is a chance that you may run into some as well,

 this is a pretty big project and it’s been in the works for such a long time so there’s a chance 

that some bugs may still be occuring or new bugs could crop up when the next major update hits.

 If you ever come across any kind of problems that you believe to be bug related please report them to me via the RDO discussion forum relationship dialog overhaul

7: Permissions

All resources used in the creation of this mod, including but not limited to any NPC 

I may have edited, their lore and dialogue, model, textures or sounds are owned by Bethesda and are all the property of them. 

All other derivative works are required to be explicity credited during any usage. 

This includes but is not limited to reports regarding bugs, suggestions for improvement and any other sort of feedback which is related to this mod.

I will not give permission to use this mod or any of its assets in paid mods.


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