Republican debate live updates

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On Thursday evening, the Republican presidential candidates will square off in their third debate of the primaries. 

The debate is taking place at 9pm in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The night will be live-blogged in real time for people to follow along with what the candidates are discussing during this crucial moment in their campaign. 

Here are some hot topics to keep an eye out for:

• Trade relations with China and Mexico.

• Early childhood education through charter schools.

• How to get rid of ISIS quickly in the Middle East.

• Gun rights in the United States.

• How to handle protecting free speech in school and on college campuses in America.

Every week, the Republican presidential candidates get together to discuss current hot button issues.

 It is an opportunity for them to show off their debating skills and set themselves apart from each other in hopes of getting more votes. 

The debate will be moderated by John Dickerson, chief political correspondent for Slate magazine. 

Steve Schmidt will serve as a “surrogate” for the candidates on stage, posing questions sent in by voters around New Hampshire.

 The debate can be watched live at 9pm ET at or on your television via ABC.

Updates of live blogging republican debate :

1. The candidates will be asked a question about the Clinton email scandal.

2. The candidates being introduced for the debate.

3. Governor Chris Christie questions whether or not Hillary Clinton is telling the truth that she never sent or received classified emails on her private server when she was Secretary of State. 

He calls for her to turn over her home brew email server for investigation. 

He also mentions that he has been briefed by the New Jersey flag protection specialists about the threat from abroad, especially from Islamic terrorism and cyber attacks from countries like China and Russia. He says Hillary Clinton ‘talks tough in public but does nothing’.

4. FBI Director James Comey will testify before Congress on the email controversy that Hillary Clinton is facing. 

He writes a letter saying that there is no information to change his original decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton, because she was ‘extremely careless’ but he says her ‘extremely careless’ actions should have been a priority crime for prosecution.

5. Marco Rubio calls out Christie for being a bully and setting a bad example for New Jersey children by being so tough with the debate.

6. Chris Christie attacks Hillary Clinton as a ‘proud liberal’. He says we need a president who understands what makes America great and does everything to preserve it.

 He says he will not let our country slip away like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have done. 

He asks what happened to the middle class and the opportunity to succeed and how he brought about changes as Governor of New Jersey.

7. Ben Carson states that the reason why we are in such dire straits is because of the bad economic policy of President Obama by increasing taxes on all Americans, favoring certain groups over others, more government regulation, and cutting off energy supply through fracking, etcetera.

 He states that we need to get rid of regulations and taxes, and get rid of the IRS. 

He says that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and we need to continue to uphold these principles.

8. Mike Huckabee says we have a $19 trillion debt because of bad policies and because Americans weren’t paying attention and electing leaders who do not listen to them. 

He states that we need a Congress that listens instead of one that is bought off by special interests, lobbyists, and lobbyist money, influence from foreign countries like China along with Saudi Arabia.

 He states that we need to take care of our own citizens first before taking care of illegals. 

He says that once we get the economy rolling again, then we can go ahead and tackle the illegal immigration problem.

9. Governor John Kasich criticizes Obama for not pushing congress to address immigration reform and for not enforcing deportation laws by the border.

 He calls out Hillary Clinton for supporting Obamacare, Libya, and Iran nuclear deal, all of which failed. 

He says he is the only governor at the debate who has had to balance a budget without raising taxes or slashing benefits or cutting vital services, because he learned how to cut taxes and not raise taxes by cutting spending in Washington DC.


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