Searching the Perfect Cover for Your Ottoman? Here Are Some Suggestions You Can Look Into

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Who doesn’t like to rest their tired legs on an ottoman at the end of the day? The relaxed feeling you get by doing so is sure to make you ask for more. Ottoman has evolved as versatile furniture. It’s no longer only a footstool. From serving the purpose of a storage box to a coffee table, it’s the furniture everyone should consider including in their living room décor. We are sure you would be able to pick the right match for your space from the various types of ottoman available these days. They can become a style statement too. 

You now would go ahead to include one in your home or probably you already have an ottoman but you didn’t bother about it all this time and now you want to give it a makeover. Whatever may be the case, whether it is a new or an old one, the trick lies in using the right cover. That just can turn the game! We are saying so because it will not only keep the furniture in a good condition but also help you to play with new looks when you would like to modify the décor of the living space. Adding covers will prevent any sort of damage giving your ottoman a long life. 

Types of covers 

Readymade slip-on covers: This would be the easiest option for you to look into. They are usually made up of spandex material which gives them a chic appearance. These ottoman covers come in various colors and designs. Be it the printed patterns or solid embossed ones; choose wisely that would elevate the look of the space to a new level. The readymade slip-on spandex cover is not only utilitarian but also can act as a stunning centerpiece of your room. They are easy to install and most of them are machine washable. Due to these features, they have become so popular among consumers. 

Custom-made covers: Now if you possess an ottoman that cannot be described as a usual type, then you have no option other than getting a customized cover for it. This can be the choice of those who bother themselves with the type of fabric of the cover, or exact matching color, or the shape of it. Be it a square, rectangular, round, curved, or wedge ottoman; you would get a perfectly fitted cover for your ottoman if you opt for a customized one. You also get a warranty along with these products. All you have to do is give accurate measurements. If you feel confused, some company websites allow you to upload an image of the concerned furniture so that they can make the exact type of cover you are looking for. 

Why covering an ottoman is necessary?

It’s necessary because it – 

  • Enhances the durability of the furniture  
  • Prevents from staining due to spillage
  • Keeps the seat intact from becoming worn out
  • Keeps the dirt and dust from destroying the color of the ottoman
  • Prevents from harm caused by your pets or toddlers 
  • Adds up to the comfort


Ottomans versatile nature has led more and more of us to include it in our home décor. With the perfect cover, it will surely last long enough to become an antique.


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