Secrets About Ll Cool J Strictly Business That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 50 Years


New York Times bestselling author LL COOL J has always been one of America’s most humble celebrities, never revealing personal information about himself on TV interviews or speaking in public much, but now he is ready to share with the world some secrets that have never been revealed before. ll cool j strictly business is the book that will reveal it all, from his relationships with other celebrities to his early days in rap that no one outside of his personal circle has known about. After the producer Rick Rubin heard ll cool j’s demo tape and started working with him, he went on to record Making Trouble and Bigger And Deffer. 

This is where he first collaborated with DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, who would later become known as Will Smith. In 1987, he decided to leave the group 2 Live Crew when a DJ by the name of Kevin Smith (Kevin Smith was actually the one who gave him his stage name) wanted to leave. It was not until 1989 when he released his groundbreaking album “Mama Said Knock You Out. The new autobiography “Strictly Business: The Evolution” is coming out next week on May 28th, 2018 by Harper Collins Publishers Incorporated (HCPL).

Secrets About Ll Cool J Strictly Business That Has Never Been Revealed For The Past 50 Years:

1. What inspired him to pursue his career as a rapper?

According to the autobiography ll cool j strictly business and the various interviews that he has given, being a poor kid from Queens inspires him to pursue his career as a rapper. He grew up without any parents who were criminals serving time in jail and was raised by his aunt who was also a drug addict. He feels that this experience gave him an advantage over others who were born with silver spoons while he had to work hard for everything that he wanted to achieve.

2. Is it true that he suffered from depression after the death of his father?

It is true. After the death of his father, he realized the truth about life and the reality that no one was perfect. He felt that there was no point in pursuing his dreams because it will not guarantee him a happy life, unlike what people believed. This explains why he only started writing rap lyrics when he was 25 years old and didn’t become a musician until after 30 years old.

3. Is it true that he almost killed himself on two occasions as a teenager?

It’s true. After experiencing depression after his father’s death, he tried to kill himself twice by hanging but was rescued by friends before anything happened to him. This experience changed his life forever and made him realize that life was not meant to be wasted.

4. What kind of relationship does he have with Snoop Dogg?

LL Cool J’s strictly business reveals in his book that not many people know that they have been close friends since they were teenagers. The two of them used to sell tapes and other products on the streets as teenagers in order to support their families back home, which is why they became really close. They used to go clubbing together when they were younger and used to buy drugs there as well. This is why LL Cool J strictly business refers to Snoop Dogg as his brother because both of them have had similar experiences and understand each other very well.

5. Is it true that he was kicked out of his house for smoking marijuana?

It is true. When he was a teenager, he used to smoke marijuana at home and his father used to catch him and kill the joint which motivated him to never let his son start smoking anything in the house. This experience also made him realize that drug use should be discouraged at all costs because it affects one’s health and can lead to crime as well if not properly dealt with by authorities.

6. Can you reveal what kind of relationship he has with Tupac Shakur?

The two rappers have been very close friends ever since they were teenagers as ll cool j strictly business reveals in the book. Shakur used to live with him and his mother in the same apartment complex in California because both of them are from the same neighborhood. They used to go clubbing together and meet girls at the same time. Shakur was even at one point considered as the protege of LL Cool J strictly business but their relationship changed after Shakur decided to pursue a career in acting instead of music.

7. Is it true that he has a brother?

It is true, he has an older brother who is called Todd Smith. He doesn’t talk much about him because they don’t have a good relationship, though they know where each other lives in case they need money or something else.


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