Secrets To WAVY HAIR

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If you love the look of freshly washed, tousled hair on celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry, you might want to switch up your routine with these secrets for WAVY HAIR! How to make curly hair grow down instead of out?

These secrets are all about how to get that picture perfect kind of tousled hair without the hassle. So read on to find out the secrets and tricks to achieving those celebrity waves and looking like a million bucks!

1. First step to tousled hair is the right conditioner.

If you want to really get those waves, you need to use a great conditioner. I’ve found that Suave’s Daily Moisture Conditioner gets the job done without weighing down my hair or making it too greasy. So try it out!

2. Blow dry your hair as much as possible before applying the product.

When Jennifer Lawrence says she doesn’t blow dry her hair, she means it! She’s super careful about her sun exposure and takes extra steps to protect her tresses from drying out. But this also doubles as a great way to get rid of any frizz and flyaways so that the styling process is a breeze thereafter!

3. Use a sea salt spray for added texture.

Anytime I use a sea salt spray, I can almost count on the fact that my hair will look pretty beachy. This product is awesome if you have fine hair and want to add body to your locks. So try this out next time you go to the beach!

4. Apply product while hair is still damp.

There’s no point in using products on dry hair. It’ll just slip right off and won’t deliver the best results. So make sure to apply a product to damp hair that you’ve just washed!

While it might seem counterintuitive to apply product when your hair is wet, it’s actually a great way to lock in that moisture and give your strands the volume they need!

5. Use a vent brush on dry hair with thermal protectant spray.

If you want to use a regular old brush on dry hair, be sure to use a thermal protectant spray or serum first. This will help prevent breakage and keep your hair as healthy as possible.

6. Use a flat iron for tousled hair and long lasting curls.

The key to long lasting curls is using an iron that has titanium in it, like the  Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ceramic 1-1/4-Inch Flat Iron .  It allows you to get more of those wavy kinds of curls that are all over this season while also making them last without sacrificing your hair!

7. For tighter curls, try curling just the ends of your strands with a wand.

I’m sure you’ve heard beauty experts swear by the  Hot Tools 1-1/2 Inch Curling Iron , because it’s just as good, if not better than a blow dryer. It’s a reliable tool that won’t let you down and gets the same kinds of tight curls that will make your hair look like it’s naturally wavy.

8. Use pomade to control flyaways, add shine and tame frizz throughout the day.

Pomade is awesome for adding shine to your hair and keeping everything in place. It can also help control flyaways throughout the day, so it’s an added bonus to your hair routine!

9. For beachy waves, try coming straight off of the ocean.

If you want wavy hair that makes you look like you just came off the beach, try letting your hair partially dry for extended periods of time. This can give your hair a lighter and more tousled look than it would get from being directly in the wind or sun.

If you’re trying to get beachy waves in your hair naturally, head for the water! Take a dip and let your hair air dry naturally and you’ll be surprised by how much it looks like you spent all day on the beach… without having to pay for a plane ticket!

10. For waiver tousled hair, try curling small pieces at a time.

The trick for that picture perfect kind of wavy tousled hair is tiny curls. Curl one strand at a time to avoid those sticky flyaways, and you’ll have that kind of beachy look without having to spend hours in front of the mirror!

11. For a low maintenance look, try razor rolling.

I love the way adding texture to your hair can make it feel healthier and look more polished. When you want a low maintenance, tousled look like the kind we see on model and actress Emma Stone , try just shaving the sides of your hair instead! Then roll it up into a bun or ponytail for an extra messy effect.


So, those are 11 easy ways to get those celebrity waves and a million dollar look! Now you can get that sultry, wavy kind of hairstyle for any occasion! Oh yeah, and if you want to be like a celeb, show off your newly washed tresses on the red carpet in St. Tropez by wearing our WAVY HAIR .


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