Self-sustaining lifestyles


Nowadays, the world is filled with people who are always looking for new ways to survive in this crazy and demanding world. Some people build a business using their online platforms; others find unique ways of growing their own food, from home gardens to urban farms. But with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to actually decide which lifestyle is best for you.

The self-sustaining lifestyle is, in a sense, a combination of two previously distinct ways of life; it involves both growing and living off the land while in an urban setting. What makes this relatively new way of living so attractive is its ability to bring together the best features of both city and country

1. On The Land And In Your Home

As you may already know, sustainable living usually involves minimizing one’s environmental impact on nature; it also means minimizing how much time you spend driving to and from work each day. Lastly, it means making sure you’re taking care to make use of local resources at your disposal as much as possible.

In the self-sustaining lifestyle, this means you’ll still have to journey quite far from your home in order to get that bag of groceries; but you won’t need to spend half a day behind the wheel each week.

 In many cases, self-sustaining lifestyles are based in small urban areas and close enough to the city’s amenities that there is no need for extensive commuting. On that note, you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while commuting even on days when it’s raining in the city!

2. Environmental-Friendly Lifestyles

Sustainable living and self-sustaining lifestyles are closely related to the environmental movement. In fact, if you take a closer look at the type of lifestyle that is being promoted by those in favor of environmental awareness, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have much in common with the normal traditions that we’ve grown accustomed to.

In this new way of life, man and his natural surroundings are one entity. This can be seen most clearly in the self-sustaining lifestyle; you’re living off the land instead of being separated from it by a car window. There’s no need for excessive electricity or fossil fuels when you’re working side by side with nature instead of fighting against it.

3. Cost Of Living Without Expensive Commuting

To some people, their commute to work is just as important as their commute home; they spend hours each week on the road and it’s hard to compete with this option when it comes to saving money.

 However, the self-sustaining lifestyle doesn’t require much in terms of driving time each week. If you’re only spending a couple of hours or less in your car a day, there’s no real reason for you to shell out hundreds of dollars a month for public transportation.

Furthermore, if you’re aiming to minimize your carbon footprint, public transportation is a major source of carbon emissions. Not only does it consume fuel and emit carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses into the air, but it also takes up space that could otherwise be used to grow food in your backyard.

4. No Need For Expensive Groceries Or Commuting

Many people usually have to spend a lot of money each month on groceries and transportation. But if you live in the city, this is something that you don’t need to worry about! With the self-sustaining lifestyle, you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine without ruining your wallet. You can even grow your own food at home or in your backyard then take it along with you when it comes time to shop.

5. Work When You Want To Work

Because many self-sustaining lifestyles are based in urban areas, people usually find themselves with a little more free time than most city dwellers do. Most of them prefer to use this extra time to pursue creative interests that can be enjoyed in ways other than the usual 9-5 job.

 There’s a certain type of freedom involved in this lifestyle since you can spend your time doing what you want with no pressure from your employer.

6. The Creative Side Of Life Is Now Open To You

Creativity is an attribute that many aspire to possess but are often held back by the busyness of daily life. However, when it comes to the self-sustaining lifestyle, many people have found a way to combine their creative side with their passion for nature and self-sufficiency. 

This means that you can pursue your dream job without worrying about the high price tag or long commute associated with it. As the saying goes, it’s not where you live but what you do there that counts!

7. Off The Grid And Beyond

In the self-sustaining lifestyle, you’re living off the land instead of having an elaborate system of power and utilities to cater for your needs. You’ll be able to grow some of your own food in the yard or garden; this means that neither you nor your family need to worry about going hungry.

 Furthermore, since you don’t have to spend a fortune on running appliances and other services, you can save money that can then go towards investing in improving your outdoor space


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