Seven Facts About Enterprise Software That Will Blow Your Mind


Enterprise software is everywhere in the modern world, starting with your smartphone. The implications of this type of software are vast and have lasting effects on society as a whole.Enterprise software is built around thousands of predefined business processes that reflect::

This list is by no means exhaustive. It begins to explain how enterprise software works, but it is also important to understand how technology has evolved and changed the way that this software impacts our lives.

One interesting fact about enterprise software is the sheer size of it. In a study released by IDC, the size of an enterprise’s SaaS infrastructure can often dwarf traditional on-site infrastructure and their networks by as much as 10x in terms of growth rate and maintainability alone. This indicates that companies of all sizes are moving towards cloud based systems for handling even mission critical segments of their business. Enterprise software provides a wide range of options for not only consumers, but businesses too.

Seven Facts About Enterprise Software That Will Blow Your Mind :

1. Cloud Computing is Gaining Popularity

One very important fact is that cloud computing is growing at a faster rate than any other technology. In a recent study, it was estimated that the growth rate of cloud computing would outpace that of traditional on-site servers by 2020. Although IT pros in the business world might be concerned with this shift, savvy consumers are embracing it. As more businesses embrace cloud based solutions for their software needs , consumers are finding it easier to stay connected to their business, no matter where they are. This makes perfect sense when you consider that over half the world’s population has access to a smartphone .

2. Enterprise Software is Adapting to Mobile Computing

As of right now, enterprise software doesn’t always have a great way of adapting to the mobile computing needs of many people. In some cases, it is too difficult for users to access the systems that they need and in other cases the software doesn’t offer the same support for mobile devices as it does for laptops and desktops .This can be problematic because not all consumers want to carry a laptop around with them if they are going out of town or if they are just running an errand. A properly designed mobile application can make this a non-issue by providing access to enterprise software from anywhere that has internet access.

3. Many Consumers Abide by Certain Rules

One of the most important aspects of this type of software is that it is complex, yet people still use it because there are very specific rules that are in place. In fact, a recent study indicated that most consumers abide by corporate rules when making purchases.

This shows that even though enterprise software might be difficult to fully understand and can sometimes seem like a maze to navigate, consumers will still make a choice based on the rules and procedures that are involved. Sometimes these rules can be quite complicated and can sometimes even encourage consumer employees to engage in illegal behavior in order for them to meet the standards required for their job.

4. The Life Cycle of Enterprise Software is Long

Many analysts have noticed that enterprise software has a long life cycle. This means that if they are using a particular type of enterprise software, they are likely to continue using it for years despite the high costs associated with upgrades. This is especially true if there is a cost involved with switching to another system.

This makes sense when you consider the fact that some enterprise software can cost upwards of $100,000 per month for just the licensing costs alone. Although this might seem unattractive to most consumers on the lower end of the economic spectrum, businesses can afford these costs because they use their systems almost every day.

5. Many Consumers are Drawn in by the Specialization

Another interesting fact about this type of software is that consumer users tend to be drawn to it because it offers them a variety of options. In the case of enterprise software, a consumer might choose to use a particular set of software for one reason, but then switch to using another kind solely because they like the options that they offer.

For instance, while some companies may choose to choose enterprise applications like SAP Business One because they need an integrated system , others may choose to go with Salesforce because they have an opportunity for more customization.

6. Enterprise Software is Powerful

Enterprise software is very powerful and can accomplish a huge amount of tasks for companies. This is one of the main reasons that it has become so popular, especially in the financial sector .

This type of software is often used for things like:This might seem overly complicated to a consumer, but the reality is that this software is useful because it offers so many different options.

7. There is a Strong Business Case for Investing in Enterprise Software

In order to understand why enterprise software has become so popular, you need to understand the underlying technology. In this type of software, businesses are given a centralized method for passing information back and forth. This makes it much easier for them to maintain their systems and keep track of key information that they need in order to run their business effectively. Because of this specialized structure, there are several specific benefits that can be achieved by using enterprise software.


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