Seven Outrageous Ideas For Your Guwin999.

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“Bangkok’s first live streaming website has recently launched a new feature.”Yes you heard right! They have started sending us a direct link of the match via text message.The link will automatically be sent to our phone about 40 minutes before the match starts.Thus, you will be able to watch the match live online in front of your computer. To use the service,you will need a free copy of windows Live or MSN Messenger installed on your computerand a recent mobile phone with Internet connection.”

Bangkok Guide News, 13 February 2010

“When they started broadcasting live soccer matches in Thailand, very few people were interested.   Thai audiences simply cannot relate to the fast-paced style of football often played in Europe or North America.  But now that high-speed broadband internet is widespread throughout Thailand, more and more Thais have been able to enjoy watching football on their PCs.   Now, watching live soccer in Thailand has become an increasingly popular activity.”

Khao Sod, 13 November 2011

“Unfortunately a number of the viewers have been shouting the results through the chat room while they are on screen.   As a result the commentators are unable to hear their words and at times cannot even understand what they are saying.   This phenomenon is known as text-speak or txt speak.”

“But now it appears that they don’t care about announcing the score calmly ตู้ม้าพารวย and clearly anymore.   They decided to sensationalize things by including vulgar language in their commentaries.  The person who does it decides how much vulgar language to use.   Some people use a lot of vulgar language in their commentaries.   This is not the way to act in a broadcasting studio.”

The Nation, 29 September 2011

“A few days ago, I went to watch a live football match at Stadium CHANUNAVIOLA with my friends.  During the match, we were able to hear some people talking about the game using four-letter words.  This is not acceptable.”
“I remembered that before attending that live football match, we had watched Japan’s victory over Libya while sitting at home.   Over internet broadcast, we heard quite a number of people using foul language to express their anger or excitement during the game.  That shocked me and made me a bit sad.  At that time, we didn’t think the words used were very offensive.  However, as years passed, we began to realize those words were very disrespectful to other people’s feelings.  I feel ashamed when I remember that incident.”
“My father enjoys watching football with his friends every week and at home when he is watching with us.  Sometimes, the ball hits him on the head and he gets a little angry so my mother tries to calm him down by saying “motto nai koto” which means “it’s not true.”  My father has taken all kinds of good advice from her but hasn’t been able to change his habitual bad habits yet.  I would like to ask all Thai football viewers to be kind and respectful to others by avoiding using foul language at home or anywhere else to describe the action on the football pitch.”

The Nation, 29 December 2011

In addition, there is a major problem of disturbing phone calls in Thailand. The majority of these disturbing phone calls originate in Vietnam. These calls are not only disturbing, they can be quite expensive for the victims. A typical example is a Mr. Yutthana who lost his job because of receiving too many harassing and expensive call from Vietnam.


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