Seven Reasons Why People Like 1 Crore Has How Many Zeros


1 Crore is a very large number in the Indian numbering system. It looks like this: 11001110000. Actually, 1 crore is 10 million and it’s equivalent to 100 lakhs which look like this: 10000000. There are various systems of numbers used in India, but these are the ones most commonly used by people who work with money and know what they’re doing. They’re also called Hindu-Arabic or Arabic numerals because Arabs were the first to use them so most other countries use them too by now. 1 crore has how many zeros?  As you can see from the picture above, it has three. As I mentioned earlier, it is still very large. One crore is a million million (1 trillion). 1 lakh is a thousand million so 1 crore = 100000000000 = 1 trillion. It’s bigger than the GDP of most countries in the world and actually, if you converted all our GDP into ‘crores’ then India would be at number 29 in the world according to World Bank data.

The scary part is that the current population of India is ~1.25 billion. That means that if we convert all our GDP into ‘crores’ of rupees, we have 3.25 ‘crore’ of rupees left to spend on everything else that we want. So now you know how big 1 crore is and how much money we need in India to survive.  It’s not an impossible amount but it’s quite a large number and that’s why 1 crore is called the Everest of numbers in India (another reason I’m saying it’s not worth getting your hopes up about the Rs 1000 note).

Seven Reasons Why People Like 1 Crore Has How Many Zeros :

1. Everyone else does

According to my research (and many other people’s) there isn’t anything wrong with liking a big number. People like 1 crore as well as 10 lakhs, 100 lakhs of rupees and even more. They love big numbers! It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like them. I think it’s because they are very interesting and leave us in awe. They’re beautiful and mysterious too.

2. It shows that you’re rich

People like big numbers because they are proof of their wealth. Just saying ‘I got 6 figures this year’ will make you sound pretty good to a lot of people out there. You may not be an A-list celebrity but still, you’d sound great. Most people don’t care about the zeros after the number, but if you say that your family’s income is 6 crores then most people would look upon you with respect and awe (even if it’s just in India). 

3. It shows how good at math you are

Obviously, most of the people who like 1 crore understand how to count money and that’s good. But the person who says ‘I got 3 crore this year’ will sound even better to everyone around him. It’s like a stamp of approval. He probably does know how to do math but he likes saying it because it makes him look cool.

4. You look cool if you know about it

This one is for the rishis out there. A person who knows about big numbers does seem more intelligent to others than a person who doesn’t. They will think ‘he must be a rishi (the highest kind of sage) because he’s good with numbers’. 

Since there aren’t many people like that in India, it helps you earn some respect and the people around you might actually listen to what you have to say. It also gives them respect because they know that you’re not just bragging but that you have an understanding of the world beyond their own tiny little world.

5. It sounds awesome in movies and books

Everyone feels that the use of big numbers in movies and books sounds cool. I don’t know where this comes from but I think it’s because people have heard about 1 crore so often (see reason no. 1) that it makes them feel good about themselves when they hear about it. It makes them feel like a million dollars, even if they’re not rich at all.

6. It makes you sound like you know what you’re talking about

When someone quotes some figures, the other person will not just ask him to repeat them but also ask what they mean. Saying 1 crore means he understands some of the concepts of business and can thus talk to other people who do too. If he says 1 crore has how many zeros, then he is one up on that person he’s talking to.

7. It makes you feel safe and secure

When narrating some of their stories, most people mention the amount of money they have in their bank account. Saying ‘I have 3 crore in my bank account’ will make them feel secure and rich so they’re not afraid of thieves or anything like that. Since there are other rich people out there who are worth billions, 1 crores is actually quite safe and you know that it’ll protect you from poverty for a few more years. This means that we don’t need a lot of money for survival after all.


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