Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Funny Business

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is an American reality television series which debuted on the VH1 network, in the United States. This TV show has been made for a purpose of revealing the funny business of hip hop and love. And below are seven things you didn’t know about this hottest TV show!

This TV show started out with a pre-taped “booty call” episode that was featured at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. This episode led to its own series that aired on May 9, 2009. The first two seasons of this show were based around Atlanta while seasons three through eight have been filmed outside of Atlanta as well as New York City, Miami and Los Angeles.

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Funny Business :

1. The show’s title is misquoting

The name of this hit TV show is not why the show was created. It has been named Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta simply because that has been the title of the show’s slogan on the posters and websites to which they could have copyrighted the name. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Funny Business shows rather than saying Hip Hop Atlanta but Love & hip hop: atlanta funny business instead.

2. Stevie J and Joseline’s wife were originally supposed to be cast members but they have been replaced

According to the producer Mona Scott, Stevie J and Joseline’s wife producers had first planned to cast them in this TV show. However, both of them have been replaced. A new guy named Kirk was introduced in season 2 of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Funny Business as Stevie J’s replacement while Yung Berg was brought in as Joseline’s spouse since she is not married anymore.

3. K Michelle and Soulja Boy were almost cast members too

This hit TV show was supposed to feature these two persons as well. However, they have been removed from the list of cast members too. Both of them have explained that they couldn’t make it to the show due to their busy schedules. Another reason for their removal might be because of their violent records as Soulja Boy was charged for murder and K Michelle was charged for battery.

4. The cast members are not “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Funny Business”

The producer of this TV show Mona Scott revealed that none of the cast members in this show is actually referred to Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Funny Business because they are just beginners who are trying to make a mark in the music industry or are looking for love in the hip hop world. She added that from some of the cast members, it seemed like they were more interested in love than they are in hip hop.

5. The cast members have been paid extra money

The producers of this TV show do not want the cast members to appear under a contract or under any obligation except for the salary they are given. However, these cast members are already paid even if they don’t appear on the show and have been given a special deal to give an extra amount of money to those who agreed not to get paid on air.

6. The cast members have their own security guards

According to the producer Mona Scott, these cast members are always followed and protected by a security guard. She added that the cast members are actually living in a safe zone that has been secured in Atlanta. They also have their own medical team for them as well.

7. Stevie J has changed his name twice already

This hip hop artist has been called many times Stevie J since he started out with his music career which lasted for over 5 years now but his real name is William Johnson Jr. He decided to change his name to Stevie J after he was asked to do so by another hip hop artist back in 1999. After a while, he was again called Stevie J when he changed his name for the third time to avoid confusion caused by other hip hop artist with the same stage name as him.

On a final note, I’m just simply disappointed that all of the cast members were edited out of the final version and the real show’s material. Most of them including Joseline were filmed way more than what we saw on Tv. Thanks for reading! I hope this article proved helpful and please leave your comments below! 


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