Seven Unexpected Ways Warframe Farm Salvage Can Make Your Life Better

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Most people think of farming as despicable and unfruitful, but those who enjoy a good grind need to know that there are in fact plenty of benefits. With Warframe farming, you can play the game for free, get free gear and upgrades, help friends in need get more gear for themselves and themselves too (without paying a dime), earn money from all your farm runs (rare lystas prime), help warframe players across the globe earn currency from their own farms. This guide will show you how easy it is to do all of these things with just your browser. Warframe farm salvage is one of the most exciting things to do as far as playing online games go. In case you didn’t know, warframe salvage is what farms your Warframes for. 

Essentially, it’s the game’s way of saying “thanks for playing” and giving you an incentive to keep having fun with the game, by rewarding players who take the time to do it right. The best part is that there are many ways to do farming properly, some of which may surprise even veteran players of this fantastic game. The one thing that really stands out when playing Warframe is how high the potential rewards are when you play well and farm well. You can make money and gear just by running around moons or even planet cores (the latter are harder to get but if you farm them it will be worth your while).

Seven Unexpected Ways Warframe Farm Salvage Can Make Your Life Better :

1. You Can Be A Helpful Backer To Your Friends.

It’s no secret that warframe is a free to play game and that you’ll need credits to play it. Considering that credits are a necessary part of playing, anyone who has played the game will have had one of their friends go through hard times. Those of us who have played the game long enough (and farm like crazy) have seen many friends and even strangers in need. 

2. You Can Help Others Gear Up.

For those of us who live in a more rural part of the world, getting gear after link bundles can be a bit of a hassle too often. In many cases, it’s so hard to gather things together to buy the best or just see what kind of things we need that we end up leaving our best equipment behind, never again being able to return to the game and work on getting better gear for ourselves (or give it away to friends).

3. You Can Earn More Credits With Each Run.

The first thing that most players do is farm for salvage on their Warframes, but once you’ve gotten a few salvaged mods, you can sell them back for credits just as easily. This is a good way to get your gameplay currency up so that you can purchase more missions or even weapons if you need more mods that are more powerful than the ones you have right now. 

4. You Can Get Free Gear.

The stuff you get after salvaging mods and weapons is not just limited to what you receive on your own body type. Salvaged body parts can also be activated on other players, which means that you can farm salvage on their behalf and reap the rewards as well. As a rule of thumb, using parts requires crafting them into gear. You can also find other players who need mods as well, especially after they’ve finished their farm or if they’re just starting out.

5. You Can Help Friends Get More Gear They Need.

Above, we told you how you can help others gear up, but this goes both ways as well. If friends are in the same situation that you were before farming salvage changed things, you can purchase gear in bulk and sell the excess back on your network’s market network (or even transfer it to a friend).

6. You Can Earn All The Rare Mods.

The more rare a mod is, the rarer it will be in comparison to other mods. That is why you can only get certain mods after salvage farming or even by trading them around with your friends. This is one of the best ways to get your hands on the rarest of mods, and once you have them, they’ll help open up new doors in gameplay that was previously unavailable. Rare mods are definitely something to work toward if you want to become a more serious player of Warframe, and if you farm enough then it gets easier and easier as time goes on.

7. You Can Get Free Prime Parts For Your Weapons.

Finally, if you’re in the market to get that “perfect” weapon you’ve always wanted, then farming for prime parts is a great way to get one. Prime parts are basically upgrades that can be applied to your weapons for an extra boost in power and damage. Although guns can be upgraded with mods and other resources, prime parts are a way to improve your gun’s base stats. Although getting these prime part is hard work and requires a bit of farming, they’re definitely worth the effort when considering how much stronger they make your weapons.


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