Showcasing the Top Minds of Reddit

brett jordan 0FytazjHhxs unsplash 4
brett jordan 0FytazjHhxs unsplash 4

Okay, Reddit. I think it’s time for me to admit that I believe in you.

I’ve done the research, read your wiki, watched your videos on YouTube – you have some serious credibility. 

And so this post is an homage to the one database of human knowledge that is actually worth something: Reddit. 

This post will showcase what I think are the top 10 users on Reddit with

the most upvoted posts that answer questions or offer solutions to problems people are having.

I have arranged this list according to the quality of their answers. 

Please note that these rankings are completely subjective. I am not including an “upvote-bomb” post that is quickly upvoted to the top because it’s a quick solution. 

You should look for posts that give a unique or deep view into

a topic and not simply slap something on a question and upvote it for relevance.

Also note I am not including AMAs (Ask Me Anything) because they are a completely different ballgame.

Here’s the list of users and their rankings:

 “MakeUseOfLaughs” [2.7 million] – 

MakeUseOf has quite an impressive sub-reddit on all things geeky,

but few people know that the main guy behind this blog is one of the most active people on Reddit. 

He answers questions about his blog, offers advice to budding bloggers,

and even goes as far as engaging with random people in the comments section of his blog. 

He’s a fount of knowledge on all things blogging, SEO and internet marketing.

The user known as thegarbageman has been active on Reddit for five years and

has answered questions on almost every topic imaginable. 

He is unassuming but incredibly knowledgeable on anything to do with technology – particularly Windows computers and gaming. 

His post links are also top notch, with clear solutions to common problems that he’s been there to help out with. 

For example, here he is helping someone install Skyrim:

 “doctormustard” [2.7 million] – 

Doctormustard is known on Reddit as a “college professor asking the difficult questions.” 

He’s answers a variety of questions from people with problems in their relationships to parents looking for a suitable gift for their children. 

But instead of just giving one standard answer, he’ll go above and beyond and offer multiple solutions to that problem.

 DoktorPancake is known for writing fast answers to questions (sort of like TheGarbageman) so it should be no surprise that his posts are top-notch. 

His posts will always get the job done but they also offer some interesting insight into a subject that most people might find uninteresting. 

For example, his post on how to best apply hand sanitizer is one of the top Reddit posts of all time because it’s funny and informative:

 “the_button” [2.9 million] – 

The Button is one of the most fascinating aspects of Reddit in recent times and doktorpancake was there to answer a lot of questions about this mystery button (known as the “flair” on other parts of Reddit). 

He offers some great advice and fun facts about what happened with this experiment in human psychology.

This user is primarily known on Reddit for giving out legal advice, but they have a huge following because they’re incredibly knowledgeable and have a great sense of humor. 

Their posts are in-depth but also entertaining. For example, this post titled, “What do I say to my family when the alligator ate the dog?” 

has over 24,000 upvotes and is one of the best posts on Reddit because it’s incredibly well done.

 “redtaboo” [3.1 million] – 

Redtaboo has been a moderator of the Askreddit subreddit for years and it’s very impressive to see how hard she works to keep that place organized. 

But she does much more than that: she answers questions on almost every topic imaginable, helping people find resources, contact authorities and navigate sticky situations.

It might seem strange to have a cartoonist on this list but xkcd has the unique ability to break down jokes or common misconceptions in an incredibly clever way. 

He’s very knowledgeable about many topics and I’ve posted many of his answers (like this one ) to my blog because they’re so good! reddit top minds

 “Unidan” [3.3 million] – 

Unidan has the unique ability to make even the most boring topics on Reddit fun to read. 

He manages to do this with his writing, which is incredibly clever and easy to understand. 

Take a look at this post for an example: It’s about science. But it’s also really funny. 

We all know what he’s talking about but he puts it in a way that doesn’t insult our intelligence.

Gandalfs_Socks is a very young user and only started posting on Reddit at the beginning of this year. 

His posts are often in-depth but still very easy to understand, helping him rise to number one on this list. 

Here’s a great example where he answers a question about why more men than women are attracted to math and science


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