Signs a Luxurious Hotels Revolution Is Coming

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Hotels, like the world they casually roam, are changing like hrithik roshan war haircut. Tired establishments that have offered little more than clean sheets and a warm bed for over a century are being consumed by new waves of competition and innovation. Startups in the sharing economy are turning the industry on its head with innovative strategies like all inclusive services, 24 hour check-ins, and one way trips – these new players in the industry have no intention of playing it safe. And for good reason: sleeping is slowly but surely becoming obsolete thanks to dedicated napping pods and sleep pods.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is dominating the hospitality industry with its easy to use platform that allows travelers to easily find a place to stay – anywhere in the world.

Travelers can choose from over 1,000,000 listings in 190 countries and 300,000 cities. The platform boasts an impressive 5.5 million guest stays each year. Guests rate their experience by leaving a host and review after each reservation. This rating system holds hosts accountable for providing quality accommodations at every stage of their journey – from booking, to arrival and on through their stay. The company also offers 24/7 customer service as well as a reservations team that works around the clock to ensure a seamless travel experience.

2. HotelTonight

HotelTonight is a relatively new entrant to the market. The startup is loosely based on AirBnB’s success and has expanded its offerings – creating a personalized experience for travelers not just with the booking process but also through their itinerary and on-the-ground experience thus far.

The service offers incredible overnight rates for hotels, private rooms and even vacation homes located anywhere in the world. By using “deals” from local businesses, HotelTonight can offer prices that are lower than those typically listed by traditional hotel options. To qualify for the deals, local businesses offer a minimum number of rooms to HotelTonight. When they sell out, that’s it – no more rooms at the special rate will be available until the next deal is listed.

3. Oasis

Oasis is a startup that has developed a unique system of hotels in which guests can take advantage of relaxation facilities in order to help them sleep better.

Not only is this an all inclusive service but there are private sleeping pods available for $30/hour or $100/night and public pods that are free of charge and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Guests can also enjoy access to free WiFi and unlimited charging stations within the hotel itself.

The startup has expanded across the globe with locations in Miami, LA and New York currently available. Here in Toronto, Oasis is set to open soon at Babylon.

4. Naps

The napping pod, a new concept in sleep-oriented accommodation was developed by Daniel Levitin of Neurosis, a vintage boutique hotel on Harvard University’s campus that is said to be “the most expensive hostel in Cambridge”.

Napping pods are essentially little rooms that people can rent out for short amounts of time. The most basic type of napping pod is one that contains two bunk beds – one for the guest and another for the host – and contains a pair of lockable doors for privacy.

The host can also provide a touch-sensitive pillow, a bottle of water and a light controlled by means of a phone app, which triggers the lights to turn on or off when the host is asleep.

5. Hotel Quarters

Hotel Quarters is an all-inclusive hotel in San Francisco that offers guests access to popular spots like F Market street and Union Square for free.

Guests can enjoy the use of bikes, more than 100 luxury bikes available at their disposal and even get complimentary breakfast at high profile cafes within Hotel Quarters’ own neighborhood.

6. WInter Guesthouse

Winter Guesthouse touts itself as an ultra chic bed and breakfast in New York City’s latest hotel sensation – the Ace Hotel. The nine room guest house is aimed squarely at the young and trendy – offering a bike rental service and a handy map of old timey New York that shows guests where to find some of the city’s best spots for eating, drinking or otherwise enjoying themselves.

7. La Villa D’Ace

La Villa D’Ace is another pioneering project from the Ace Hotel group in New York City. It offers an all-inclusive service for guests that is based on an hourly rate. Guests can make use of the fitness suite, laundry services, daily breakfast and even bike rental in order to help them explore the city.

The B&B itself is set in a vintage Brooklyn brownstone and offers five guest rooms across two floors. There are also two bathrooms as well as a shared kitchen for guest use – all features that contribute to the intimate experience provided by the hotel.

8. Stay Alfred

Stay Alfred is a hotel booking service whose aim is to blend the luxury of 5 star hotels with the convenience of affordable boutique hotels. It offers a number of different types of rooms from “Studio Suits”, to “Private Suites” and even hotel condominiums.

The service also offers access to high-end amenities such as concierge services and in room massages in addition to 24 hour butler service and the option for guests to make use of the laundry services, kitchenette, gym and even apartment sized suites – all included in their base rates.


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