Signs That It Is Time to Either Repair or Replace Your Windscreen

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If you are driving and suddenly hear the crack of a rock bouncing off your windscreen, you will inevitably have that sinking feeling. Once you inspect your vehicle, one question will come to your mind. Does the damage need to be repaired, or do you need to replace the entire thing? The answer is not wholly straightforward. This article clears up these questions and explores the best route when your windscreen gets damaged and whether you need to hire windscreen repairs in Sydney. 

What is the cost to replace a windscreen in Sydney? According to insurance company IAG, it will cost owners with chipped or broken windscreens around $200 to $300 per vehicle.

Two types of windscreen damage


Chips are minor damages that result from impacts that break away a layer of the glass. It can be typically repaired if it is tiny enough. However, if the chip is deep and penetrates to the plastic’s inner layer, it might be a better option to get it replaced. Although small chips on their own may not be a concern, they can potentially result in growing cracks.


In contrast to a chip, cracks are distinct since it is already forming a line which separates. Although it can start small, it can grow over time.

Regardless of whether the windscreen is exposed to the weather elements of the sun’s hot rays or frigid air, fluctuations in temperature can result in expansion and contraction. In case you have a crack in your windscreen, weather conditions can result in gradually spreading the cracks.

Is it possible to use insurance to replace my windscreen?

Although the cost of windscreen replacement will be contingent on the make and model of your vehicle, it is typically not a cheap process. As with a majority of automotive repairs, the financial burden can be eased by insurance.

There are several vital points to consider when it comes to car insurance in Sydney. Overall, Sydneysiders pay an average of over $1000 annually for their car insurance. The price difference between the priciest and the cheapest insurance plan in Sydney is around $1000 on average. Features like age, gender, and location are crucial factors on how much you will be paying for your insurance.

Can I use a DIY windscreen repair kit?

If you have enough skills and confidence in your ability to repair a windscreen, you can purchase kits for this purpose. A majority of them will include the same materials utilised by professionals. However, not every kit is created equal. The advantage of hiring windscreen repairs in Sydney to repair your windscreen is the expertise they bring to the table.

To an untrained eye, damage may seem simple enough for a DIY kit. But driving with a windshield that has undergone DIY repair when it requires a replacement is highly unsafe and could lead to accidents.

Because of this, no matter how minor the damage to your windscreen is, it is recommended to have it checked by a professional. Car insurance in Australia can help ease the cost of the services.

In Sydney, driving without car insurance is non-negotiable and even illegal. Drivers will have to pay hefty fines if caught without CTP insurance. It is especially true if you are involved in a vehicle accident and don’t have a CTP. You might also be held liable for any injury caused to other road users.

The windscreen is one of the most vital parts of a vehicle since it helps you see what’s going on the road. Thus, you must apply interventions at once in case your windscreen gets damaged. It is recommended not to neglect these matters and hire a professional to make sure it is properly repaired.


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