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This is a quick and easy guide for the novice user of Productora69 . We will cover the basics, from introduction to installation, as well as some tricks that you might have missed when playing with this tool. For more helpful guidance on the subject, we recommend that you visit some of our other articles about Productora69. The document should be read in its entirety, as the various sections are interlaced: introduction to Productora, Productora69 and some tricks. The links to other articles are intended to help you understand further the subject of Productora69: we want you to leverage all the resources you need to fully comprehend the software. 

Productora69 is a powerful and easy-to-use program that is used by an increasing number of professionals in the eCommerce industry. This program reduces the workload and allows you to make better use of your time by automating repetitive tasks, such as cataloging, content management, analytics and much more. Productora’s capabilities are very broad and yet extremely simple to use; Productora will allow you to:

Products are organized in three main categories: Products, Products Collections and Products Bundle. For this explanation we will focus on Products. You can easily add products by filling a few fields, such as: Product Name, . Image, Description and other required information. Once you have filled the field, click on Ok.

By choosing a product from the drop-down list or searching for it in the box above. Click in the “Category” field to select the category in which you want to enter your product. If you want to add a new product category, choose one of those already existing and click on “New Category”. You can edit or delete categories by clicking on its title: Editing is performed by clicking on “Edit Category” and deleting is simply done by clicking on “Delete Category”.

Simple Guidance For You In Productora69 :

1. To Select Products

Click on “Products” in the menu bar to access product management functions—namely, adding, editing and deleting products.

2. To Edit Products

To edit an existing product, locate the product and then click on “Edit”. When you edit a product, you can change the following product details: Name, Image, Description, Price, Availability and Status. You can also select a different category or add/edit/delete variations. Once you’re done editing the details of your products click on “Confirm”.

3. To Manage Variations Of A Product

If your products have variations (for example color), you can manage them by using variation fields under each product title. Click on “Variations” to add new variations or change existing ones.

Variations are not just the colors of a product. Variations allow you to group your products by characteristics and attributes, so you can have a product with different types, sizes, color or flavors.

4. To List Products

To list all your products from an existing category click on “List Products” and select the category in which you want to list your products. You can also search for a specific product by using the search bar. Click on “OK” once you’re done listing or searching for products.

5. To Set Availability

You can set and modify your product availability by clicking on “Edit Availability”. To change the availability of all products, you can use “Select All” or to modify specific products, use the search bar.

6. To Set The Price Of Products

When you add new products or edit existing ones, you will see the price for each product. You can change it in the section “Price”. Click on the “+/-” button to increase or decrease the price of your products. If you want to set a fixed price for all variations click on “Set Fixed Price”. Click on “Confirm” once done changing prices and availability.

7. To Enable/Disable Products

You can enable or disable products by clicking on the “Enabled” button. It’s important to note that if a product is enabled, it will be visible in your store and if it’s disabled, the product will no longer be available.

8. To Change The Status Of Products

Products may have different statuses and types. This means that you can set your products to “Unavailable”, “Sale” or “Inactive”. If a product is inactive, it will no longer be visible in your store but can be made active again anytime by changing its status to Available. The “Inactive” status can also be used to mark a product as no longer available.

9. To Set The Currency

To set the currency for a new store or to change the currency for an existing one click on “Set Currency” and select the preferred currency from the drop-down menu.

10. To Set The Time Zone

To set a specific time zone for your store click on “Set Time Zone” and select your desired time zone from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can choose “Meridian 0 GMT” if you don’t want to specify a time zone (your server’s time will be used). Once you’ve selected or changed your time zone, click on “OK”.


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