Six Cool Tips for Maximizing Your Mobile Phone’s Efficiency


Without a doubt, smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate and function in society. They are our constant companions; allowing us to do everything from staying connected with friends to finding directions on Google Maps. However, they can also be an incredible drain on battery life if not properly managed. Here are six tips that will help you maximize your smartphone’s efficiency:

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Turn off notifications when they’re unnecessary.

Some apps have really annoying push notifications that you probably don’t need at all times of day (for example: “You got new mail!”) Instead of having this app constantly pestering your screen with alerts. Turn off ALL messages from them except for certain critical ones like texts and calls. You can do this by going to your phone’s Settings, clicking on Notifications. Then disabling all options other than “Allow notifications” from the app in question.

Airplane mode

Take advantage of airplane mode when you’re not using your device. This is a great way to stop texts/calls and also save battery life! If you don’t need wifi or bluetooth for a while (for example: whenever I take an hour long bus ride) turn those off first with Airplane Mode before turning it ON. So that they won’t drain any more power than necessary.

Avoid distractions at work!

You might be surprised how much time you spend on Facebook throughout the day while doing homework. Turn off email push notifications if possible as well as anything else that might distract you from your work.

Use apps to replace traditional products/services!

There are so many amazing new things out there for phones, such as automatic task managers and calendars (check out Wunderlist or, laundry pickup services like Washio, the list goes on and on. Keep an eye out for anything. You can use your phone in place of something more time consuming than it needs to be!

Don’t forget about battery saving mode!

This is built into most newer smartphones now. And it will give you a lot longer life when used properly. Just make sure not to turn it off until your device’s charged back up again since this cuts down majorly on how much power gets distributed throughout the day.


If you don’t have unlimited data, this can be a real lifesaver when your phone’s out of juice and the next bus/train is coming in 15 minutes! Just make sure to disable it again once you’re back on wifi. So that your internet doesn’t get cut off unexpectedly. Six cool tips for maximizing your mobile phone’s efficiency will definitely help with keeping calm and carrying on during times where getting online would otherwise be an issue!

Take Advantage of Battery Saver Mode

When using battery saver mode, your smartphone will automatically minimize the functions that are draining battery life. You can activate this feature by going to Settings > Battery Saver (for Android) or Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode (for iOS). Many smartphones have an option where you can also schedule when it turns on and off. This is great for those who don’t want their phone to run out of juice at a moment’s notice while they are sleeping.

Reduce Screen Brightness with Auto-Brightness Enabled

It may seem obvious but disabling auto brightness entirely could be wasting valuable energy. If you forget to adjust your screen brightness manually when needed. Instead set up automatic brightness so that your screen brightness is always appropriate for the lighting levels of your surroundings. To do this on iOS, go to Settings > General and turn Auto-Brightness ON. On Android phones there should be an option in Display that allows you to adjust screen brightness settings.

Close Out Apps You Aren’t Using

It may seem like closing out apps will only save a little bit of battery life. But if done regularly it can make a big difference over time! Closing unused apps prevents them from draining unnecessary resources when running in the background or using data even though they aren’t currently open. Close unneeded applications by double clicking the home button. So all opened apps appear (for iPhones) or pressing and holding down on any app. Until they start jiggling and then tapping the red minus sign on the apps you don’t want open (for Android).

Turn Off Cellular Data

If you are not using apps that require cellular data, turn off their access to use mobile data by going into Settings > Mobile Data (or similar) depending on what type of phone you have. This will prevent these apps from draining energy when they aren’t even open! If necessary, only enable it if needed before opening an app like Google Maps so that it has enough time to download information ahead of time rather than trying to do this while driving or walking down the street which could be dangerous. Note: For iPhones go into Settings > General > Background App Refresh and set all apps to OFF.

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It’s not a secret that mobile phone usage is on the rise. In fact, many people would argue that it has already surpassed computer usage. With such an increase in popularity, there are also more and more ways to use your device efficiently. Six cool tips for maximizing your mobile phone’s efficiency will be discussed in this post!


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