Spectrum Internet On A Budget: 8 Tips

12 internet
12 internet

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to some of the most costly internet plans out there, Spectrum may be just what you need. Spectrum internet email login is available in over 45 million homes nationwide, and it’s priced surprisingly well at just $29.99 per month with no contract required. Of course, they don’t offer any technical support or customer service. Still, if you take a closer look at the plans and special deals, it may just be the right choice.

The internet is an essential part of everyday life. People use it to work out at home, check on their children when they’re not in school, pay bills online and shop for new products. It’s quite common for many people to find that their internet service is going to cost them more than their cable TV or cell phone bill . If you are looking for cheap internet options then you might want to consider what Spectrum has to offer.

8 tips to get spectrum internet on a budget are:

1. Don’t underestimate your current package

Most people have internet from their cable company. This can be an outdated modem or a slower router. These factors may make the internet that you’re currently using to be slower than the internet from Spectrum. If you’re worried about getting a speedier service, it’s better to buy a modem that comes with an ethernet cable for your computer and then just plug it into the router. The basic plan at Spectrum is only $29.99 per month (after promotions), and it provides high-speed internet to any device in your home as well as phone service.

2. Use your smartphone as a primary device for streaming

While it’s ideal to have every device you own hooked up to the Internet, it’s not always necessary if you’re looking for cheap options. For example, you can use your mobile phone as a primary device for streaming. The only drawback with this option is that if you want to be able to do things like watching YouTube or playing games on Spotify, you will need a more robust internet plan at home. Crooks and Liars , an opinion blog, recommends getting an unlimited talk and text plan while only paying for enough data to stream online content safely.

3. Check out alternatives to a home phone

A lot of people use the internet to talk on their phones. If they’re not selling anything, companies like Google Voice or Skype can be a great alternative. You can even use the internet to place calls and make them private at the same time. The drawback with this plan is that you might need to buy a phone if you want one. This is something that many people would rather avoid, especially if they already own a mobile phone. You could look into unlimited plans in order to avoid having to pay extra for a smartphone and then being forced into signing up for expensive plans once they’re done with their contract with their current provider.

4. Use DD-WRT firmware on your router

DD-WRT is a free program available to download. It can make your internet connection faster and more reliable. There are many different ways to do this, but it’s possible to use DD-WRT on one of the older model routers that you already own. Be sure that you keep it updated and upgrade whenever possible. Many people will find out that they have faster internet once they start using DD-WRT.

12 internet

5. Build your own network

You don’t need a professional network or expensive equipment in order to get internet from Spectrum . You can build a very fast network by purchasing good industry-grade computer hardware and modems for around $100 for both of them. This will be made using a combination of Acer and Asus computer hardware. The only thing that you need is a router, but this can be bought either at an electronics store or online. You can also check out options that have been discussed on other forums.

6. Get a wireless router

If you already have the hardware to build your own network, then you can try getting a wireless router in order to improve your speed and security for the internet connection. There are some free or cheap deals available online for wireless routers, which could help with this as well if you don’t want to pay Spectrum for theirs. For around $50, you should be able to get one that works well enough for streaming Netflix and YouTube without any problems at all. The wireless router will make it a lot easier to set up your network in the first place, especially if you’re not very tech savvy. You can also check out some of the tips for choosing a good one online.

7. Use old computers and monitors as routers

If there are any old computers or monitors lying around your home, you don’t have to throw them away. Instead, you can use them in order to connect to the internet if they’re still functioning properly. This method wouldn’t be recommended for people who want fast speeds because it would take a while to download things, but it’s usually cheap and can get you connected if you’re low on cash and need an alternative that doesn’t cost much at all.

8. Buy a router that’s compatible with your internet modem

If you’re looking for a cheap option, then you could try buying one of the older modems and then using it with your router to get your internet connection. This would allow you to save money on the hardware in general and still have a good connection.


If you’re looking for cheap options that won’t have you writing any checks, then wireless internet is the way to go. You can build your own network, add extra features to your existing router, or purchase a wireless modem to speed up your internet connection without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money. The only drawback with this option is that it takes a while before you get connected and will always require maintenance, but it may be well worth the price because of how cheap it is.


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