Taboos About Costco Ebike Scooter You Should Never Share On Twitter

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Costco is the world’s largest retail membership warehouse chain and as such, has a huge variety of products. One of the best selling items in Costco are their electric scooters. No matter who you are, there is a model for you with them ranging in size from 20 inches to 44 inches tall. The most popular Costco e-scooter is the Scoot 500 by Xiaomi M365 with Bluetooth connectivity and remote control for up to 12 miles on a single charge! The scooters have over 10 km per hour top speed so you can get around quickly and easily, no matter what your commute looks like. Costco ebike scooter is a perfect option for those that are looking to take the bus, but it is not always convenient.

Costco is not just an electronics retailer though, they also carry a variety of food products and home furniture that can be ordered on your way out. It is much like an indoor mall with multiple buildings. This can make shopping there quite confusing if you are not familiar with the layout or you are in a rush to get home from work. Most stores have intuitive layouts and all the products easy to find, so getting lost is rarely an issue. However, some stores are not as user-friendly and there is nothing you can do to avoid being lost.

If you do get lost in Costco, don’t panic! You can still find what you need! You just have to be creative and a little bit bold. Sure, you will get marked by the staff or an angry shopper who doesn’t want you in their store and a Costco Ebike Scooter may also be confiscated for being inappropriate, but that is only when caught. If you have some time to spare and no worry about getting into trouble then go ahead and explore! There are tons of things to buy from this amazing store.

Taboos About Costco Ebike Scooter You Should Never Share On Twitter :

1. Bigger the better

The biggest Costco ebike scooter is 44 inches and 89 pounds. These are some huge numbers, but that is what makes these scooters so popular. The price and versatility cannot be beat. If you want to go bigger than this then this model is not for you as it will take months to arrive at your home. If it does not fit in your car then delivery can be troublesome. However, if you really have a large car where you can load the scooter inside it and you have enough money to buy one, then please do!

2. Do not go for the used ones

You may have seen some really good deals on used warehouse scooters in Costco. That is the end of it. You are better off just paying more and getting the new scooter that is always in stock. 

The reason why these used ones sell so cheap is because they don’t last very long and they consume a lot of energy while they are being driven. They will always get stolen or damaged on purpose so you can expect them to be a total loss by the time you receive them. Anyone with enough money to buy one will buy one brand new unless they also want to put their money into fixing it up, which takes too much time already!

3. You can’t bring your own

Costco itself does not sell those ebike scooters, but you can bring in your own if you have one for use. You will be able to use it inside the store and you are allowed to bring in as many as you want. There are even tables and seats where you can put them so that you do not have to carry them over long distances every time you need to charge them up. You will get noticed a lot more by using one of their scooters instead of the ones they sell!

4. Bring in pets

If you have a small dog that can fit inside the basket, then it is allowed in Costco. You will have to carry the dog around the store, but there are plenty of things for you to do when you are bored! This does not include cats or other small creatures that may want to go into dark corners and spy on everyone else. They will be removed immediately. It also depends on your pet’s safety, so it is best not to bring them unless they get along with people very well.

5. Get lost completely

Costco is huge and confusing, but it will always try to make things as easy as possible on customers. If you are lost, do not panic. Just ask staff and they will help you out by directing you to the right area. If that fails and they can not help, then they will call the police. This may cost your car a few hundred dollars in damages if it is not from being on the wrong side of town. When shopping at Costco you are always very well looked after by their staff!


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