Taylor Swift and Ozuna, the mix of styles that could work and this audio proves it


If we thought that 2020 had ceased to surprise us, we are not right. If we say Taylor Swift and Ozuna we can associate many terms in common: singers, good music, followed by everyone and a long etcetera. But what we would never share are their musical styles.

Taylor Swift is always faithful to her pop, while Ozuna continues to surprise with her more urban style. This fact leads us to the fact that we would never imagine a collaboration or remix with some of her songs and the Question How Tall is Taylor Swift

But since nothing is impossible on the Internet, a Twitter user released a remix of ‘Willow’, a song that is part of the album with which Taylor Swift recently surprised ‘Evermore’ with ‘Caramelo’ by Ozuna. In this way he united two totally different musical styles.

Hahaha at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if it was real. Well, it didn’t look so bad,”a Twitter user commented after seeing the video showing this improvised remix of Taylor Swift and Ozuna. Others have not found this new version so good: «I HOPE NOT!!! Separated I love them, but together I do not see them working “or” Oh god no. “

We do not know if together these artists would succeed, but what we have clear is that separately they are two of the most listened to artists on the planet. For her part, Taylor Swift continues to add views on YouTube with her latest work ‘Evermore’, while Ozuna continues to surprise us with her more urban music.

Although what is certain is that it would not be bad for two artists like them to unite their talents and surprise us with some musical work. Will they make this dream come true? Hopefully!

Taylor Swift releases the second album of her surprise of her in quarantine

Christmas was in advance for loyal Taylor Swift fans as the pop star released her second surprise album of 2020, just months after the hit album Folklore.

The album’s release came just days before Swift turns 31 on December 13.

“Since I was 13, I’ve been excited to turn 31 because it’s my lucky number backwards, so I wanted to surprise you with this now. You have all been so loving, supportive and attentive on my birthdays so this time I thought I would give you something,”she said.

The artist delighted her fans with Folklore, an album that she composed in quarantine and that approached alternative rock.

“We couldn’t stop writing songs”

In her tweet, Taylor Swift indicated that evermore, her ninth studio album, would be an extension of that style. “To put it plainly, we couldn’t stop writing songs,” she said.

“I’ve never done this before. In the past, I always treated albums as stages and would move on to planning the next one after one was released. There was something different in Folklore, “she added.

In Folklore, which garnered six Grammy nominations, Swift also delved into songwriting from the perspective of others, telling stories along the lines of popular songwriters such as John Prine, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.

“I loved the escapism I found in these imaginary / non-imaginary tales,” said Swift, who once again collaborated with Aaron Dresser of rock band The National, along with producer Jack Anton off.

Like Folklore, evermore includes a duet with experimental indie artist Justin Vernon, founder of Bon Ivor. This time she also recorded a song with the Los Angeles sister band Haim.

Swift’s album release comes amid a battle over her lucrative previous catalog, and a few weeks after she said the first six of her albums were sold to a private equity firm without her knowledge.

Swift has publicly clashed with music mogul Scooter Braun, whose company bought a majority stake over her previous work of hers, which includes a decade of hits like Shake It Off.

She said that she is actively trying to regain control of her master recordings and in the meantime, she began re-recording her songs in an attempt to undermine the value of the originals, AFP reported.


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