The 10 Best Things About Belle Delphine Controversy

11 belle
11 belle

Belle Delphine’s identity as a fashion blogger is shrouded by a scandal last year when articles revealed that Belle was not the actual author of her blog, but instead created by the company she worked for, Paris Fashion Week. In response to this revelation, Belle took down all of her previous work and began blogging again under her own name. She has always been controversial – in 2013 she expressed outrage with white bloggers who would only blog about their “white experience” and refused to acknowledge other cultures and races and belle delphine herpes bathwater cnn.

The good old days? The gradual gentrification in NYC has led to lost knowledge from street vendors who’ve had to close shop due to rents increasing three times faster than their earnings.

10 best things about Belle Delphine Controversy are:

1. “Little Black Girls”

By using the word “little,” Belle is implying that anyone who is lighter skinned than she might not be a “real girl.” It’s insulting, but getting away with it.

2. “Black Girls Love White Boys” 

This is the most offensive part of all – Belle goes on to say that black girls should not get involved with white boys. White guys are better, and I agree; this kind of mentality has led to the problem that exists today – black women marrying white men, which in turn leads to inter-racial relationships being taboo or being called racist. This article represents a lot of ignorance in one post! 

3. “Kids Of Color Should Save Their Money” 

So why should white people save their money? You’re just a lazy black girl – it’s as if Belle is saying that black girls are bad and can’t be trusted with money.

4. “Black Girls Are Better” 

This attitude is also very problematic, because it completely ignores the fact that there are so many negative stereotypes attached to black women. It’s an irrelevant piece of advice to give a young black girl. She could’ve said, “Don’t just follow your dreams and be happy!” 

5. “All Art Is Western” 

In this article, Belle talks about how all art of all cultures is influenced by Western culture. This completely ignores the fact that there are so many different cultures in the world.

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6. “White People Fart A Lot” 

In this article, Belle talks about how white people are always talking about their farts. This article was the last straw for many readers, but it’s still up on her blog! This is a joke, but it shows how ignorant she can be and how she tries to make a joke out of something that needs serious discussion. There’s no reason for this silly comment to exist! It’s another negative stereotype about black people being flatulent, which is baseless and absurd. 

7. “Black Girls Can’t Be Princesses” 

This is also a joke, but it’s pretty insulting! Belle is telling black girls that they are not princesses – they’re ugly, more like beasts.

8. “7 Reasons to Love Being Black” 

Okay, this is not a good article. In this article, Belle Delphine talks about how there are people out there who make it hard for her to love being black, as if she’s not supposed to love it because of the negative stereotypes attached to being a black woman. Belle lists 7 reasons why it’s great to be black. Her list celebrates a lot of negative stereotypes about black people, including being ignorant and not educated enough – which makes her list not worth celebrating.

9. “Dating A White Boy Is Cool!” 

This article is about how black girls should date white boys, and that there is nothing wrong with it. It’s the same attitude that drives the “black girls are bad, white boys are great” mentality. Belle really seems to have a problem with relationships between black women and white men. It’s not cool to have a white boyfriend, according to her!

10. “People With Curly Hair Should Have A Curly Mugshot” 

She says that people with curly hair might look like they’re happy in their mugshot pictures. It’s not true – Belle is perpetuating a negative stereotype about black people having “mugshots.” She’s probably never had a mugshot of her own in the first place!  

It really is shameful how one blogger can say so much offensive stuff in just one post! I’m surprised that she was able to write such a controversial piece without getting backlash for it.


After reading this article, I realized how hard it is for black girls to find representation in the makeup and fashion world. There are so many racist people who think they can get away with anything they do because they have money. It’s very uncomfortable to live in a world where the thought of being a black girl can cause people to lose money. 

I’m glad that I was able to write this article about Belle Delphine – she really shows how ignorance is hurting our generation, and I hope that she sees what she wrote and apologizes for it!


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