The Allure of Minimalism: 18 Iconic Designs Revealing The Power Of Simplicity


As a design aesthetic, minimalism has grown in popularity in recent years. It abides by the philosophy of removing unnecessary material to get the most out of what is available and using only as much as is needed. Being minimalist requires discipline and focus, and can be applied to nearly any aspect of life: from furniture to clothing, food, and even music.

This post gathers 18 iconic designs from  that showcase the power of simplistic design we hope you enjoy!

What Is The Difference Between Simplicity And Minimalism? —

Famous minimalist design

1) ToDo apps such as Clear for iOS (2016), Todoist (2011), Wunderlist (2015). All provide a clean interface with few distracting features for those who want simple organization on their devices.

2) The Tesla Model S car, designed by a team led by Franz von Holzhausen, is a famous minimalist design. It is known for its basic black color and elongated profile.

3) Apple’s iPhone has been a leader in minimalism in the smartphone market. The company’s sleek designs have dominated the mobile phone industry for years.

4) The Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is well-known for her large-scale installations of polka dots and pumpkins. She usually employs white to create an otherworldly effect that many find mesmerizing or even slightly unsettling.

5) The Google homepage has been known for its minimal design. The search engine giant has also adopted a minimalist logo that is crisp and clear, but not overpowering.

Modern and minimalistic

6) The identity of Audi is both modern and minimalistic. Audi is known for their sleek lines and polished designs, but this logo manages to convey the same qualities without being overly complicated or noisy.

7) The Nest thermostat marketplace has set itself apart by eliminating all clutter from its page, making it easy for customers to find the product they need quickly.

8) With the popularization of minimalism in design, many companies are creating logos without distraction or unnecessary elements. One example is this logo for Lufthansa Airlines. Its sleek blue lines embody the essence of minimalism in design.

9) The Instagram logo is another design that doesn’t try to do too much. Its muted colors and simple font create an authoritative yet approachable aesthetic that reminds users they are on the right platform.

10) This poster by Shepard Fairey was originally designed to promote President Barack Obama’s campaign in 2008, but has since become a symbol of minimalism in art and graphic design.

Powerful message

11) Virgil Abloh, known for his work as the creative director of Louis Vuitton menswear, is also an artist. His exhibitions often feature minimalistic works that are elegant and simple.

12) The French graphic designer Jean Grémillon designed this poster for the film La Kermesse héroïque (1935). It is simple yet dynamic, and delivers a powerful message with just one color.

13) The New York City skyline is one of the most iconic profiles in the world. This poster by Japanese artist Hiroshi Yoshida highlights the city’s grace and minimalism.

14) Some of the most recognizable logos are simple. For instance, the prominent red Apple logo has only four colors. Its iconic simplicity represents quality, reliability, and eternalness.

15) The iconic Coca-Cola bottle is often remembered for its beauty and perfection. It’s one of the most recognizable icons in the world, yet is also considered to be simple.

Minimalism in architecture

16) The Ludwig Mies van der Rohe building (1930), designed by Mies van der Rohe himself, is another great example of minimalism in architecture. Its clean lines and simplicity make it a work of art in itself.

17) The clean lines and bold colors of this poster by Franz Marc embody the idea of minimalism. Its use of only two colors and basic shapes create a unique and enticing piece.

18) Another minimalist poster, this one created for the 1964 New York World’s Fair, is another iconic example of minimal design. Created by artist Victor Vasarely, it uses bold colors and shapes to evoke a feeling or excitement in viewers.

What minimalism has taught us about life, design, and art.

19) The minimalist brand logo designed by Dries Van Noten for SoHo House is another example of minimalism in design. Its simple shape and colors are not only eye-catching, but also capture the essence of the brand.

20) Shigeru Ban’s iconic Arata village was meant to resemble a medieval Japanese castle. It represents an idealized view of Japanese culture that many find beautiful and timeless.

21) Nicole Miller’s minimalist aesthetic has been mostly credited to designer Carl Schoettler. His designs are sleek yet strong, incorporating quality fabrics with modern graphics that are simple yet attractive.

Minimalist logo

22) Coca-Cola ‘s original logo has been called simple, elegant, elegant, minimalist, iconic, timeless, and pretty much every adjective you can imagine. It’s also one of the most recognizable logos in the world.

23) The design of the web browser Chrome is often compared to that of an eyeball. Many designers agree that this minimalistic logo represents the best way to display the name of this product.

24) The minimalist logo for storied American department store Saks Fifth Avenue is another example of minimalism in design. It conveys a sense of elegance without being too flashy or busy with unnecessary elements.

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