The Best Advice from CEOs of Large Companies


What is the best advice from CEOs of large companies? The answer may surprise you. More than likely it’s this: take care of your employees. In a competitive global economy, it’s rare for a company to succeed without happy employees. Read on to hear how these CEOs have carried this sentiment far beyond the confines of their offices and into their day-to-day lives, and find out what advice these business leaders have for any aspiring entrepreneur in search of a blueprint for success.

The following post contains wisdom from successful business persons in all industries spanning numerous countries listed out by . These individuals are the driving forces behind their respective companies, and many of them have the track record to prove it. The common thread between all of them? They’ve practiced what they preach. Some have done it out of sheer benevolence, while others have done so out of recognition that happy employees are productive employees.

Regardless, all of them have something to teach you about leading a business and living a happy life.

Steve Wynn, Businessman

Steve Wynn is an American businessman who is the CEO and Chairman of the Board for Wynn Resorts, Limited . He is also the minority owner of The Golden Nugget and Mirage Resorts.

He was born July 13, 1942, in New Haven, Connecticut. Mr. Wynn is married to Elaine Pascal and they now live in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he earned a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Art History and English Literature as well as a Master’s degree in Fine Arts.

In the lesson he learned: 

But I had no experience with integrity until I met Kirk Kerkorian, who became my boss at the age of 23.” Mr. Wynn once asked Mr. Kerkorian how he could best serve him. 

Mr. Wynn’s advice: Treat your employees like friends and family, enjoy meals together, ask them about their kids, remember their birthdays, and thank them for their hard work and loyalty. As Mr. Wynn says, The employees are your true partners in the company.

Charles Koch, Businessman

Charles Koch is the CEO of Koch Industries, Inc. He is also a philanthropist with a net worth of $50 billion. He is one of the 6 richest men in the world, and he has been called “the most important force behind championing political freedom in America.”

He was born March 6th, 1940, in Wichita, Kansas. Mr. Koch married Susan Thompson in 1959 and they have three children. His parents were in the oil business in Kansas City before they came to Wichita in 1941. Charles has two brothers, David and William. They are called “the boys”. All three of them were notorious as “the wild boys.”

In the lesson he learned: 

“To be a good manager you need to know something about everything, not just your area of expertise. You have to have a broader outlook.” Charles Koch has been quoted as saying, “If I can’t understand something, I don’t want to own it.”

Mr. Koch’s advice: Be a leader and never forget that you are a leader. 

Donald Trump, Business Man

Don Trump Jr. is the son of Donald Trump, chairman of The Trump Organization and developer of numerous residential and commercial properties across New York City .

He was born July 31 , 1973, in New York City. His parents are Donald J. Trump Sr. and Ivana Marie (Drnkova) Trump (née Zelnickova). He has two younger brothers, Eric Michael and Ivanka Marie.

But he had my own direct line into how things were done in his company.

Don Jr.’s advice: 

Create a culture that values all that you do. He said, “I think you have to create a culture where the employees feel like they are cared for and valued.” 

Bill Gates, Businessman

Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft Corporation , with a net worth of $98.7 billion. He is currently the second richest man in America.

Mr. Gates was born October 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. He attended Lakeside School in Seattle where he discovered a passion for computer programming. He was also on his high school basketball team and ranked fifth in the nation in his senior year.

In the lesson he learned: 

“The main thing I learned is that capitalism leaves everybody better off when it’s allowed to work.” Mr. Gates has been quoted as saying that “allowing free markets to be free is an unbelievable engine for lifting living standards.”

Mr. Gates’ advice: Ask your employees what they expect from you and how you can make their jobs easier for them to reach their goals.


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