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Children’s toys are commonplace and are seen everywhere. They are quite inexpensive and are affordable to most people. This may be why it is difficult to fathom a time when such toys were considered a luxury. This was the case way back before the 20th century. There were very few options in toys that the children had to pick from. The kids ride on cars that are seen now were not even dreamt of during this time. Even after a decade, the closest affordable kids ride on cars was often a wheelbarrow. 

Picking Out Toys For Different Age Groups

Children grow very quickly and with that the toys they like. Each age group has some types of toys that will appeal to them. This age-group specific classification of toys also makes it easier for manufacturers to make toys safer. For example, if a certain toy is made for children below five years of age, the manufacturer is supposed to avoid swallowable parts and toxic dyes. Here are some of the best toys for children based on their age.

0-12 Months – At this age, the child is developing their senses and toys to help with that. Toys should have high contrast between colours and should be soft and cuddly. They should also be safe for the child to put in their mouth. A nubby texture is a bonus as it would help to relieve teething pain. Rattles, crib mobiles, unbreakable mirrors and activity boards are some of the best toys for infants. 

1-2 Years – This is the age when babies start developing motor skills. Toys that they can interact with would be very beneficial. Games like whack-a-mole and others where there are buttons that cause interactions like music or characters popping up are recommended. Top Toys include stacking rings, hammering sets, push or pull toys, shape sorters, and simple puzzles.

2-3 Years – Children begin to develop finer motor skills at this point, allowing them to complete puzzles and appreciate more realistic games. Toys like telephones that ring and dolls that talk can be very appealing to them at this point. Top toys for this age group include stuffed toys, make-believe toys, ride-on toys, musical instruments and building blocks.

4-5 Years – This is the age where the child has a lot of learning abilities. This is a great time to introduce learning through educational toys. These can be for basic math or verbal skills. Make sure the toys encourage the child when they get the answer wrong instead of making negative noises. 

Top toys for this age group include:

  • Art and craft supplies.
  • Electronic educational toys.
  • Action figures.
  • Dress-up clothes.
  • Soccer or basketball.
  • Bicycles with training wheels 

6-7 Years – The child starts to socialise at this age and begins to learn things from both teachers and their peers. Children will have varying interests at this stage. Some will enjoy doing science experiments with their parents, while others might like playing with cars or dolls. This is also the age when children start wanting toys because their friends have them. Board and card games would also be great as they allow the child to invite their friends over. Top toys for this age group include RC cars, science kits, craft kits, video games, strategic board games from sports equipment stores.

8+ Years – Kids this age are into sports and other similar types of equipment like skates and cycles. This is the age when they start acquiring adult-like interests and hobbies. So, it is always a great idea to gift your child roller skates or bicycles as presents Video games also become irresistible at this age. Top toys children may vary but mostly include video games, sporting equipment, intricate puzzles, popular board games and model kits.   


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