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We are proud to present the  nuclear throne weapon tier list , a ranking of all weapons in the Nuclear Throne based on their usefulness against bosses. 

We evaluated each weapon by how much they help with defeating different bosses under the following conditions: Easy, Normal, Hard and Expert.

We will also go over individual weapon tiers for each boss in this post – which is particularly handy if you want to know the best way to defeat a certain boss! 

The best weapons are listed first in this article.

The ratings were made by the two authors of the Nuclear Throne Weapon Tier List:

Joe – 

A top level player with experience from many different competitive games and a drive to improve.

 He is one of the few players to score a non-platinum trophy and regularly tutors others in this game.

Evelynne – 

A top level player with over 1200 hours on Nuclear Throne and experience from many other Rogue-like games. 

She has gotten many platinum trophies on her own steam account, but usually plays together with Joe. 

She has some experience making tier lists for Rogue-likes as well as general knowledge about some high level concepts.

 Her perspective is more aggressive than Joe’s, but still balanced overall.

There are three categories to each weapon, based on how useful they are versus the different bosses: easy, normal and hard. 

Expert difficulty is further divided into two categories: reckless and tactical.

 Each category contains three subcategories; “no boss”, “easily downed” or “very resistant”. We’ve also considered how much experience each weapon gains you against each boss.

The best weapon tier lists are :

1. Fireball. 

Lets you deal lots of damage without having to use ammo. 

No boss at expert level is immune to Fireball’s attack – they can all be easily downed by it. 

Fairly easy to dodge and a good source of experience versus a lot of bosses.

2. Flamethrower. 

A direct upgrade to the Fireball, this deals more damage without using more ammo. 

It also has two ways of attacking, which allows you to be more unpredictable against bosses! 

Most bosses are not immune to Flamethrower – only one boss is. While it isn’t as easy to dodge as Fireball, it gives you a lot of experience versus the majority of bosses.

3. Boomerang. 

One of the first weapons you get in the game. 

It deals good damage for low ammo consumption, making it incredibly useful against most bosses at normal difficulty and some at hard difficulty.

 Fast projectiles are harder to dodge than slow ones but are also more likely to hit their mark on some bosses.

4. Machine gun. 

This weapon does not deal as much damage as alternatives, but it is very fast and not difficult to dodge.

 It is easy to handle, highly efficient for normal difficulty bosses, and gives you relatively high experience.

 This weapon might be better than the Fireball if you are also an expert shooter. However, it is nowhere near as good as the Flamethrower or Boomerang!

5. Shotgun. 

While this gun gets beaten by more efficient weapons at certain difficulties, it’s still a great choice for normal play due to its quick reloading speed and moderate damage versus most bosses.

 It can be slightly problematic to dodge since the bullets are slow, but it’s still not very hard.

 It gives decent experience versus most bosses on normal difficulty.

6. Bouncer. 

A weapon that deals low damage but allows you to get in quick attacks without having to reload or dodge between them! 

You can walk into an enemy while the bouncer is active, creating an infinite combo of sorts that deals a lot of damage per second without your constant input!

 While this is a great weapon in theory, it ends up being a little overkill versus bosses that have a high attack rate and high damage output.

7.  Pistol (or machine gun). 

The most commonly used weapon for all difficulties. It is quite efficient and is a good choice versus a majority of bosses with a lot of health. 

This weapon isn’t highly effective against any boss, except feral mutants where it has a high damage output. 

Due to its quick reload speed it can still be handy if you have the time to spare, but you will likely regret using it versus most bosses unless you are also an expert shooter.

8. Ripper (or rocket launcher). 

An efficient weapon that deals the most damage against the hardest bosses.

 It’s good against all hardest bosses, in particular metroid, but isn’t efficient versus other bosses in any other situation.

 It is very hard to dodge when it comes out, but still shows up in some tough boss fights when you really want to kill something fast. Not recommended for beginners!


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