The Cheapest Way To Earn Your Free Ticket To Learning Marketing

Content marketing
Content marketing

Want to know how to get your free ticket to learning marketing? You can do this by taking advantage of the huge number of online courses that are offered for free, most of which are backed by some credible university. Next, you just need a plan for taking notes, making small edits and additions when necessary. If you have a laptop or desktop computer at home, chances are that it is already equipped with several features that will aid your learning journey: an activated webcam, speakers and microphone ports, built-in software for video editing and translation. Deloitte business card is just one of the programs that can help you edit your recordings, whereas Adobe Photoshop is usually needed for editing images. 

Don’t forget to print out your audio or video files so they can be used as reference as well. Most people leave their business card at home when they travel, and that is actually a very good thing. Many employees know how to use their smartphone wherever they go, which means you will always be able to show them something impressive on the fly! It’s even better if you keep the printed version on your office desk in case other folks want to see it.

The Cheapest Way To Earn Your Free Ticket To Learning Marketing :

1.  Set Up Your Recording Equipment. 

 You can start recording by pointing your webcam towards the person you want to find out about. Whether you want their business card or their email address, learning how to record audio and video will be a good next step for an employee’s career development. 

One of the most typical ways to do that is by installing Skyminer (a software program for webcam recording) on your laptop or desktop computer, and that way you can easily make recordings from anywhere in the world .  If possible, you should also try to get a professional recording set with extra features such as wifi connection or optical mouse. 

2. Choose the Right Topic. 

If you want your recordings to be effective, you will have to choose the right topic for discussion. Maybe there’s a famous person that is making headlines in your region and you want to find out what they are up to now? Or maybe there’s a colleague who is also an entrepreneur and you want to know how they manage their business while managing their employees?  You can choose whatever topic that interests or affects you based on your own current situation, but make sure it’s something unique and valuable .

3. Schedule Your Recording Session .

You can now schedule your recording sessions with the person you want to find out from. When it comes to learning marketing through different channels, you should always take advantage of the best chance that has been given to you!  Traveling is one of those things that can help us make new friends, which is why we should make good use of this opportunity. 

If you are a student, you should try to learn from others who are also students.  If you are unemployed, you might want to find out about how to make your resume look more appealing or find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur . However, keep in mind that this is not easy .

4 . Prepare Your Lines.

You should now prepare your lines with specific questions and talk about the possibilities that may come out of this interview. Whether you know the person for years or if you have just met them recently, it’s still better to be prepared so that your skills can be stated professionally and in a sophisticated manner. 

5 . Make Sure You Have A Clean Background.

No need to have a fancy background, but make sure that you have cleaned the room and take out unnecessary things such as the toys on the floor or a dirty laundry basket! And please make sure you are in a decent outfit. The camera does not see your clothes, but it does pick up your scent! 

If you want to record an audio interview, then you should also make sure that there is no street noise or air conditioner from the background. You might even want to ask the person if they can switch off their phone so that there won’t be any annoying sounds during your conversation. Check out our post on how to record audio interviews here.

6 . Practice Your Lines On The Way To The Interview. 

Useful Words For Recording Interviews

You need to know that interviewing can be kind of fun and exciting, but it can also be a bit daunting if you don’t know what to expect. Hopefully, Googling some useful words for recording interviews will help you learn more about this process: preparation, positioning, speaking clearly and articulately, asking questions in the right way and so on.


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