The Dreamlike Growth of Rado Watches

Rado Watches

One constant thing in history which most people miss to acknowledge is time. It has always been with anyone walking around the planet. Throughout history, people flowed along with the algorithm of time resulting in it even more relevant to human’s lives than we deem it to be.

Although no one could modify time in any way, humans were able to be creative with it. This insatiable need to learn more about time has driven several companies to develop time-keeping accessories. In this age, we hold time as it continuously runs. Rado Watches was one of the well-known companies creating a variety of wristwatches consistently throughout history.

The History of RADO Watches

Ernst, Fritz, and Werner Schlup of the Schulp & Co watching factory were the personalities behind the Rado watches. They started with their factory which only initially made movements for other existing brands. It was only after 40 years of this factory’s existence when the brothers came up with the idea of wanting to do more. They brought their imagination to life as the year 1957 came. They released the lineup of Golden Horse. This entire event sparked the concept for a rebrand, which we now know as Rado Watches Co. Ltd.

The following year only served as another milestone when the Green Horse lineup increased the popularity of the watchmaker in 61 countries. The waterproof feature successfully attracted countless attention. The succeeding years, which is the 1960s, were even more memorable for the company. The success of the Diastar 1 watch in 1962 was the cause of this. Its toughness shined clearest because it was the world’s first scratch proof watch, fulfilling the growing need of watch enthusiasts for a strong, comfortable, and distinctive timepiece.

No amount of crises or constant change in demands hindered the Rado watches from breaking more grounds. The company successfully released updated and new designs maintaining the original scratchproof feature while also serving new styles and functions only further increased the popularity and credibility of Rado Watches. In this age, the brand has released multiple collections already. These mentioned collections successfully preserved the image of the watchmaker.

Watch Collections To Check Out

As the company only became more and more popular, it needed to maintain its production of sturdy and fancy timepieces. The company emphasized durability and comfort in the designs they make as well. Anything that meets the demands of customers is prioritized. This prioritization is the reason behind the existence of a big portion of Rado timepieces which are made of hypoallergenic materials to ensure that they sit comfortably on the skin. Previously, the company had to lower prices to stay afloat. Rado, on the other hand, now makes some of the most expensive clocks. Watch enthusiasts believe that their watches are worth every cent and that everyone should have at least one.

  1. Ceramica

The brand was lauded for inventing the Ceramica, which was the first watch to use ceramics in its design. To ensure a longer lifeline of Rado products, the strap, and the case are both made out of high-tech ceramic. The models in this series were designed to be used daily. Ceramica has swept the globe by storm with its distinct unibody design, winning awards ranging from the Red Dot to the G-Mark.

  1. Centrix

The Centrix, arguably the most recognizable and popular of them, is distinguished by its classic appearance. Suave cuts on the black or gold dial pave the way for a polished look that everyone wants. The Centrix has kept its basic look through the years and is consequently a favorite among the majority of the brand’s customers. It is made of mostly ceramics suitable for both formal and casual events.

  1. Diamaster

The Diamaster is the new face of Rado and is hailed as one of the brand’s most durable men’s timepieces. It comes in a variety of styles. The grey-colored watch has a crisp round casing made of steel and carbon that is not only stylish but also a good investment. The bracelet is made of high-tech ceramic and is meant to be worn for a lifetime.

  1. Coupole Classic

If you do not want a ceramic watch, this stainless steel piece with its basic style and subtle elegance is a great alternative. The front of the case has a domed crystal, while the hands and dial have curved edges. The black leather strap adds a little oomph to the delicacy. The Coupole Classic is a genuine work of art, with a sapphire crystal caseback.

Evolution of the Captain Cook Collection

A model that was first introduced in 1962 and is still a favorite among many people attests to its success! Captain Cook debuted at a period when several watch companies were pushing the envelope with their innovations. When diver’s watches became popular, Rado rapidly adapted them and created Captain Cook, which was named after Captain James Cook, an 18th-century explorer.

Captain Cook is a good example of the horological world since he intends to assist the divers. The timepieces are hypnotizing, to say the least, from the Captain Cook Bronze to the Captain Cook Green Dial to the Captain Cook Blue Dial! The richness of the different-colored dials is complemented by the ceramic bezel, which adds to the watch’s pure beauty.

The Philosophy to Live By

“If we can imagine it, we can make it”. This is the real grip of Ernst, Fritz, and Werner Schlup of the Schulp & Co watching factory. These watches will not be in the place where it is today if it wasn’t for this philosophy the brothers lived by. 

Rado watches are proudly worn by several celebrities and notable figures. Rado’s genuineness and dedication are demonstrated by the innovation shown in the manufacturing process and the materials used. With a slew of prestigious medals under its belt, this well-known Swiss firm guarantees to always give the finest. Ready to buy your own timepiece? You can get them at The Watch Company online for the best prices!


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