The Essential Guide to Exercise Thanksgiving Fitness Quotes.

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What are Exercise Thanksgiving Fitness Quotes?

Exercise Thanksgiving Fitness Quotes is an article where we will post fitness quotes that are attributed to ‘Turkey Day’. These quotes will help motivate you to work hard and use the day off from work as an excuse to exercise. This is a bonus for people who have a very tough time initially finding motivation, but it also makes for some interesting reading material for anyone.  A lot of these quotes are funny, inspirational, or just really motivational and will put you in the mood to be active on Thanksgiving Day. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Purpose of the article:

The main purpose of publishing this article is to give you a day off from work to exercise and have fun, not to copy verbatim. This article is an easy way for you to direct people who want to get into fitness or find inspiration from the day off. Just send them here.

The main purpose of this article is to give you a day off from work to exercise and have fun, not to copy verbatim. The main purpose of publishing this article is to put it in the hands of people who have a very hard time finding motivation, whether they are on a diet or trying to lose weight, or just want something new and different from the normal articles we post. Just send them here.

Can I quote or use these quotes in my own writing?

Yes! You can absolutely quote or use them in your own writing. This is an amazing idea for anyone who wants to start up his/her own blog dedicated toward fitness quotes, motivational quotes, etc.

Quote 1:

“Fitness: The quality or state of being physically fit” – google dictionary

“If your body cannot do it, you must train your mind and spirit until it can. You must believe with all your heart that you are the greatest athlete alive, that your body is capable of anything. When you accept these things, nothing is ever impossible” – Sandow

Quote 2:

“The workout of the day is what you do after work on Thanksgiving” – The Barbell Bible “After work, it’s damn near impossible to get a workout in unless you’re in the gym lifting weights or running. You’ve got to keep pushing yourself because even though it’s not a race and there’s no time limit, if you don’t push yourself then tomorrow will always be a hollow victory.

Quote 3:

“If you live to be 100, I want to live to be 100 minus 10 so I never have to run a marathon” – Donald Trump “I think the greatest running legend of all time is not from the races, but from the level of dedication he has put into his running. John Landy was an Australian runner at Cambridge University in the 1950s and he took up serious distance running as a hobby. He was just an ordinary guy who was going about his day-to-day life when suddenly he saw people training for marathons. He thought, ‘Oh my goodness! I could do that!’ And so he started training hard and taking it very seriously.


This article will help you to get active on Thanksgiving, whether you are actually going to work or not. It helps because it is a day off from work, and it gives you the motivation to be active, rather than taking the day off and sitting on your butt all day (unless you have a ton of other things planned).


I think that this article is a good way to get motivated and active on Thanksgiving. It’s all about giving people excuses to be active! I don’t think that there is anything wrong with this approach, unless people rely on it too much for motivation. We are here for fitness motivation, not for day play.

Procedure/steps to follow:

1) Read the quote and decide if it is funny or inspirational. If it is funny, it will motivate you to workout. If it is inspirational, you will be happy that you made the effort. 

2) Check the source of the quote on google and make sure that they provide a proper credit to the person who wrote it.

3) Forward this article to people who are working on Thanksgiving in order to get some of your friends and family together to exercise.

4) Have fun with this article, because it is all just a bit of passive-aggressive motivation!

5) If you find another quotation, feel free to send it in. We enjoy making new articles.

5) Have a happy Thanksgiving and a great workout! You’ll be thankful that you did!”

Future direction and concerns:

I think that this article is an all around good way to motivate yourself, your friends and family, as well as others to work out and have fun. I think that this article is a creative means to get people together who otherwise wouldn’t see each other on a day off of work (Thanksgiving). I think that this article is hilarious and a good way to use a day off of work for fitness. I hope that you enjoy this article! Happy Thanksgiving!

Please remember:

Please do not copy verbatim from the source and call it your own work. Please give credit where credit is due. Please spread the word and help motivate people to get active on Thanksgiving Day! 


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