The Garibaldi Beard | A Beard Style that Allows Natural Growth

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istockphoto 1270067126 170667a

It is not uncommon to see women wearing their hair in a braid today. Brides and wedding party members take braids for granted, but the hairstyle has been around for centuries. 

Long before hair was seen as unprofessional or inappropriate, people were braid-ing their tresses into intricate and beautiful works of art: intricate knots and braids made from French plaits, Dutch braids and English plaits, to name a few. 

Brides, in particular, made their hair into something beautiful and exciting to adorn the groom.

Even among Ancient Egyptians, men and women both sported beards. The reason why the Egyptians wore them was so they could easily apply makeup! 

While we know that brides wore theirs in special braid patterns and styles, we don’t really know what the men did with their beards. 

However, modern-day historians have speculated that they grew them long for protection from mosquitoes biting on their skin. 

They also speculated that the men had to keep their upper lips thick because of chewing on snuff during tobacco chewing sessions.

Here are some points discussed about garibaldi beard how to style it-

1. Use a brush

Most men use their hands when grooming their beards. This not only can cause unnecessary damage but also lead to ingrown hairs, which can be painful and embarrassing. Use a beard comb when brushing your facial hair, and brush from the bottom up. 

Using your fingers helps to stimulate the follicles and stimulates growth. The faster you groom, the faster you will grow facial hair.

2. Leave Your Neck Puff Free

When you style your beard and mustache, there should be no stray hairs in the vicinity of your neck and chin area. 

Do not wear a loose scarf, mock turtleneck, or other type of mock turtleneck that has tiny pockets or openings to allow your whiskers to escape. Do not wear a necklace too loose that the weight pulls on the whiskers.

3. Work The Beard

The same as with shadow or eye makeup, you should apply your beard oil to the upper portion of your beard and then work it into the area from bottom to top. There are plenty of beard oils available online. 

They come in all different price points from very inexpensive to those that are over $100 a bottle. I have found they aren’t all created equal so you have to do a little research on what brands and prices you will be willing to spend. 

I can say the scents run the gambit from citrus like lime, lemon and bergamot to more of a musk scent. 

Depending on your personal preference you may find one you like or you may find one that has more than one you like. I am partial to citrus scents personally. You will also want to use a beard balm on your beard as well. 

Beard balms and beard oils work together to style your facial hair and maintain its health and shine. 

Many men’s product manufacturers have come up with some really innovative products that target both conditions of beards and mustaches including dandruff, itching and flaking as well as growth stimulation. The trick is finding what works best for you.

4. The Short And Sweet

For most guys, two to three days growth is optimal. Anything longer can be overwhelming, unless you are modeling for a magazine. When growing out your facial hair, you may notice that hairs in different areas grow at different rates. 

This happens because hair grows in cycles and not all areas of your face will grow hair at the same rate or amount.

Be patient and follow these guidelines to grow a beard that will impress even the most beard-phobic women! 

5. Grow From The Top Down

Depending on where you are in the cycle of growing out your beard, you may find that you have different amounts and lengths of facial hair. 

The hairs on the very top portion of your face will grow and mature at a quicker rate than those toward the jawline and neck area. What this means for you is that not all areas will be ready for styling or trimming at the same time. 

You can choose to ignore this fact and continue to style your beard as if it were all one length (just like men used to do). Or, you can make yourself look like an absolute nut case by trimming areas that are not yet fully matured or ready for styling.

6. Beard Trim

Beard trimmers are a must for facial hair grooming. If you can’t afford a professional beard trimmer, then do yourself a favor and buy a pair of safety or barber’s clippers. They can be easily used at home and won’t damage your skin the way electric razors will.


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