The greatest mayors of lannach

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Lannach was a young elf who lived in the city of Darnassus, and served as a steward to her matriarch. 

He believed that his life was special because he helped to make the land beautiful by planting trees, and he took great satisfaction from doing this every day. 

One day, Lannach received an invitation from Elune herself to serve as High Priestess of the Moon during her absence.

In response to this new responsibility, Lannach left the city to seek out a divine artifact. He had heard a legend that there was a great book called the Phylactery of Elune, which contained all of her wisdom and power.

Surely Elune had sent him this message for a specific reason, he would find the book and bring it back to Darnassus.

Lannach travelled across Kalimdor, searching all over for any sign of the sacred Phylactery. He consulted with priests from many different orders, but none of them had ever seen such a thing.

Here are some points discussed about the greatest mayor of lannach

1. A tree is like a child

Lannach was a boy elf. He had no mother and always wanted to be like his father. He loved to plant trees by the river in Darnassus, and was proud that his work made the land seem more beautiful. 

And because of this, he constantly felt very lonely, as he did not have anyone who loved him as his own father loved him.

2. Loneliness

He constantly felt that he didn’t have anybody who really loved him as a son, not even his own father or any one of his family members or friends for that matter. He was just like an orphan.

3. Delusional

Lannach believed that Elune, the Moon Goddess loved him as much as his father The Earthmother loved all her children alike. 

He thought that she wanted him to serve as High Priestess during her absence because she had picked him out from among all the other people of Darnassus to take care of her beloved city for a while.

4. Fulfilled a promise

Although he would have been happy to go back to planting trees after serving as High Priestess for a while, he always knew that the moment the Moon Goddess returned, he would be back planting trees, as if nothing had ever happened. 

In this way there was no sacrifice on his part as High Priestess as she was always present in his heart.

5. A magical place

In some ways there is some truth in the old saying “as above so below”. The story of Lannach and Elune shows us that life and nature are often connected and interdependent. Trees are clearly related to nature. 

We all know that nature is alive and it speaks through the voice of the wind, the sound of birds, the colour of the sky, etc.

Every tree has its own unique song, so it makes sense that god would come to speak to people through trees too.

6. Dream

Nothing is a coincidence in this story. The author was telling us a symbolic story –  Lannach’s journey was a spiritual one as well as a physical one. 

Just as he travelled across Kalimdor searching for something he wanted to find, we all search for something we want to find in our lives as well as in our world. 

The world is not just something that happens to us; we are the ones who make it happen.

7. A trickster

Lannach did not know what he was looking for, but he was convinced that the Phylactery of Elune would be where he found it. 

He did not realise that his search for this magical object would involve more than just him; rather, he would help the Moon Goddess make the world more beautiful by planting trees.

8. A gift

Lannach was sent on this journey by his goddess because she wanted him to discover how much she loved him and wanted him to serve her, which brings us back to point.

9. Be a hero

What is the greatest lesson we can take from this story? What can we learn from Lannach? We need to be more like him in some ways. 

We all need to be heroes in our own way, but here are a few suggestions:

As a child or young adult, make a promise to yourself that you will do your best at whatever it is you want to do. 

Even if you make mistakes along the way , it does not matter because the Moon Goddess has forgiven you and she wants us all to be happy and successful in life.

As a child or young adult,  try to  make better  judgments  of people  by being  more open-minded. There are so many different types of people with different personalities and different viewpoints.


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