The Hyper Realistic mouth coin purse

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istockphoto 1271796113 170667a

The Hyper Realistic  mouth coin purse was made by the artist “Fluffy”. This is her digital art that she created with magic pencils and paint. 

She tells her stories through this artwork, and all the proceeds from the art goes directly to support girls’ education around the world.

Fluffy says her motivation for the purse is to make the art fun and whimsical, but she really wants to help girls that do not have an opportunity to go to school and learn.

She is hoping that this art will help her raise money she needs.

Her goal is $1500, and she has raised $500 so far. Fluffy is hoping that people will be interested in her artwork and appreciative of her skill as a digital artist as well as supportive of the cause.

Fluffy has a very unique style of digital painting with plants and animals in a game like environment.

 This style is very unique and fun, which makes people want to wear it as a purse or cellphone case.

Finally, this “mouth” coin purse is not the first purse Fluffy made; she also made one with cat ears on it, which was also really popular.

 She also made an apple pie version that looks like food. People like the unique art that she makes that similar to graffiti, but cleaner looking since she uses Magic Pencils for designs instead of spray paint. 

This art appeals to many people because of the whimsical element she adds to her art as well as the uniqueness of her design.

Facts about Hyper Realistic mouth coin purse are :

1. Type of art is digital painting

2. The artist is Fluffy

3. Her medium was magic pencils and paint.

4. The body of art was a purse for a cellphone or a coin purse, and it had a mouth with teeth on it to hold things like coins and using cellphones. 

It makes people smile since it is cute, but also terrifying since the mouth is an opening with teeth inside.

5. The art was influenced by her emotional state. Her emotional state made her want to make this art because she wanted it to be fun, whimsical, and also desired to create a look that people would like as a fashion statement.

6. The artist says the message she wants to fill is ” Have fun with your fashion statement.” The message from this artwork is that you can have an opportunity to use save the environment and help girls around the world get an education. 

This message is a good one, and she hopes a lot of people will be interested in this art.

7. The artist wants to use the artwork to raise money for girls in countries around the world

8. This artwork has been sold in several different places including her website, Etsy store, YouTube channel “Fluffy’s Virtual Vacation”, and Facebook pages.

 She has made many different versions of this artwork with cats on it, and she is planning to make special versions for each holiday such as Halloween and Christmas. 

She is planning to do all these holidays at least twice a year so that more people can use the purse then and get used to how it looks before new holidays come around.

The Hyper Realistic mouth coin purse has:

1. Uniqueness:

 It is so unique and interesting, and people do not see purses like this every day. This makes it special since it makes people want to have a purse like this.

2. Charm: 

The purse is incredibly charming because it is so adorable and cute, and people fall in love with this art because of the charm of the design.

3. Pop culture references: 

Even though this art was not inspired by pop culture, people love it anyway because of the adorable purses that are perfect for phones or coins.

 People really like these purses, and they brighten up their day since they are so cute and fun to look at.

4. Hyper realism: 

The purse looks like an absolutely real mouth, and it makes people wonder how someone can create something so realistic with magic pencils.

The mouth coin purse is very unique because it gives people the opportunity to use their phones without putting them in their pockets!

 While this may not sound like a big deal, it is actually an excellent benefit for women visiting the mall or running errands at home because it gives them a safe place to put their phone while they are out. 

This purse can be worn on a belt loop or over the shoulder, making it easy to take the purse off when leaving for home or work, then easily slip it back onto their belt loop when they get home.


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