The Latest Trend In Used Outboards For Sale.

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motor, outboard engine, interior view @ Pixabay

The latest trend in used outboards for sale is the Yamaha 2.3hp salt water model, which comes with single or twin mount and a battery/charge indicator. It’s perfect for fishing boats where space is limited and docking space is an issue.

The best way to find a good deal on a used outboard motor is to look online at classified ads, eBay, or other auction sites if you’re looking for something specific. If you’re not really sure what you want, it pays to go down to your local marine dealership and ask the experts there what they recommend when it comes to used motors.

You might get some resistance at first, but once you establish that you’re serious about buying someone’s old motor, they’ll usually tell you what the best deals are and where to find them.

Another good way to find a good deal for a used outboard is to shop around in your local area. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for something specific, like an older Evinrude 3hp for your vintage aluminum fishing boat. Just ask around. If you have a friendly local marine dealership, tell them what you’re looking for and ask if they have anything they know of (or think will become available) in the next few weeks.

Alternatively, you can go to the local captains’ club and ask around there. If the outboard you want is rarer, you might have to wait for an owner to decide to sell it, but then again, maybe not. Someone might be looking to replace their old outboard with something bigger or newer and might be willing to sell their old one if they find out there’s someone who’s interested so they don’t have to hassle with posting an ad or selling it themselves.

You never know if that nice guy down at the dock will decide he needs a few extra hundred dollars in his pocket this weekend and decides he’ll sell his old motor on the spot for whatever he can get for it.

Another place to look is on Craigslist and other local classified sites. Just be sure to be very cautious when dealing with people who are selling outboards locally. It might sound obvious, but don’t deal with anyone you can’t meet face to face and inspect their motor in person. Often, you’ll find a great deal on a motor that seems too good to be true and it will turn out that it is.

One thing to watch for is the people who say they’re from out of town and want you to pay cash or wire transfer or whatever before shipping the outboard to you. Their motors will often turn out to be duds. If their motor happens to be part of a set, they might even have you shipping the whole thing to them for a price that’s still less than your shipping costs. If you’ve got a friend looking for parts for their boat, ask him if he knows anyone who has an old outboard that needs parts. It could save you some money.

Also keep in mind that used motors will vary in condition from one another and also from one day to another and it’s often better to take your time when shopping for used equipment and do a bit of research before buying anything.


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