The Most Boring Article About Addnewurl You’ll Ever Read

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I am about to tell you the most boring article you will ever read, but I assure you it is worth reading because if it wasn’t, no one would have created this article. This is probably the most exciting introduction I will ever write.

Do any of these phrases sound familiar:

I can’t find the article with that title!” “I think this is an SEO site or something. I think it gave me an article on ‘how to search the net’ but AddNewURL then I had to click a link at the bottom of the page.” “I’m sure this article exists, but I’m having trouble finding it.”

If you’ve ever found yourself saying these phrases, you are about to be introduced to a new way of using Wikipedia. How are you today? Great! Well, let me tell you where you can find that information. Here’s some more information about yourself just for good measure. Let’s see…

First, you need a computer. A computer? Yes, a computer. The internet is not always available and there are computers that you can’t connect to from anywhere. You can use your phone as a computer or use a piece of paper as a calendar. Your smartphone will also do the trick as long as it’s got wi-fi and has some apps installed on it that let you use your phone as a computer or be of any value at all.

Next, you’ll need to learn how to type. I know you’re probably thinking “That’s not necessary, I can click on things.” You certainly can click on things, but what if the thing you want isn’t there? Typing is good for searching for things. So now go out and learn how to type. The first thing you will need is a keyboard. Look for one at your local store or search the internet for one that looks cool. If you have an iPhone then it already has a keyboard. Now type into it. What’s that? You don’t know how to type? Well, I didn’t think so. Just look at this keyboard and click on some of the buttons. That will teach you how to spell some words and also practice typing your name at the same time! As you can see, learning how to type is very important. Now scan some more boxes on some forms using your new keyboarding skills and you’re on your way!

Next, you’ll need an internet connection. Go get one of those, but before that get a pen and paper because they might ask for your email address or something like that. Some of you may already have an internet connection. If that’s the case then obviously you don’t need an internet connection. Here you can learn some more about what an internet connection is and how to get one if you’re confused.

Now that you’ve got an internet connection, go get a computer and type in your subject into Google or something similar. The first thing it will ask for is your email address. After that, it may ask for a password or maybe not, who knows? In order to access the site, just type it in again and then press enter! If all else fails, just enter “www.” before the website so it knows what site you want to visit. Let’s see, now you’ll need some keyboards, maybe two or three. I like to look for them at the same time I find internet connections because I don’t like to wait around for things sometimes.

You might also need another keyboard if you have questions that you can’t figure out using your first keyboard. Or maybe you just have a lot of questions that are just too complicated to ask with one keyboard. It is important that you have at least three keyboards so that no matter what happens, there is always one around somewhere.

Now that your keys are installed, go ahead and click away on some text boxes on some forms or old pages or something else interesting looking so it looks like this: “…


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