The reader should envision penelope as a queen who is is conscientious. decisive. judgmental. Righteous

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ashton mullins j1HU Oll7KI unsplash

The reader should envision penelope as a queen who is is conscientious. decisive. judgmental. righteous. 

Penelope is different from other women in that 

she has the proper touch and the sensitive and smart eye of a woman who knows how to dress for her superior status– 

a woman whose clothes are always tailored to her tall, beautiful form, with strands of pearls decorating her skin like veil

and jewels adorning every part of her person, including but not limited to: ears, necklaces, bracelets, rings. 

the exuberant queen who knows how to use make-up to make her skin shine like the moon and eyes as brilliant as the sun. 

She has a soft touch like a woman who has been spoiled by servants all her life. 

now cautious and quick to avoid hard work that might soil her hands with dirt or cause them to break from using too much force. 

prefers for servants to take care of the dirty chores so that she can have time on her hands to be lazy, 

which makes it easier for her to think about what she wants,

 since she doesn’t have chores messing up what little brain power she has left after being domesticated by servants all day. 

She’s confident and strong, confident in her intelligence and strength of will. 

… except when it comes to her husband–

She is afraid of him. She is afraid of his power and strength and might. 

Not only that: she is also afraid of his passion– 

which boils up once or twice a day and makes her recall how they first met, after she had just killed the man who had captured her. 

She has these intense memories about how she got to this point in this person’s life, but will never tell him about them, 

because he doesn’t deserve such confidences as these. She has  an intrinsic  wrongness in her. 

She tells herself that he is good-natured, but she doesn’t want to be around him,

 because it might make her remember all the terrible things that people do to each other, like go to war and kill each other for no reason.  

 She feels like even though she never did anything wrong, maybe she did something wrong back then, 

making Penelope feel like she needs to take care of her husband better than anyone else could.

Penelope has a soft spot for abused women. 

She takes care of battered women (but not the abused men) because they are weak and helpless and can’t help themselves.

 She’s seen the way men treat women, and she doesn’t want that.

 Penelope is a good woman at heart, but she can’t help that she likes to take care of other people. 

She is the light in the darkness and the guiding star at night. 

a scared little girl who can take on a monster single-handedly and slay it to become stronger for her people, 

instead of being reduced to a weak helpless victim of violence by another man whose spear pierced her. 

Penelope’s eyes are wide open.

They are very bright and piercing. large, but softened by her soft eyelids. 

very expressive, but not in a way to make people think she’s “over dramatic” or hyper sensitive. 

 She is strong and open, but she is shy about showing herself off too much to the world. She wants to keep herself modest. 

her pride, and doesn’t want it diminished because someone sees that 

looks better without makeup on or that her hair is more beautiful free of jewelry or that her arms are stronger without all those jewels hanging off them. 

does not want to show off too much of herself…that is to say, just enough to impress people with her delicateness.

judgmental by nature. She judges other people, even though she doesn’t want to talk about them behind their backs because she hates gossip. 

She’s very hard on people–especially if they’re not as good as her. 

But the only time she judges herself is when she looks in the mirror and sees someone who has 

lost all self-control…someone who has betrayed her own vanity and let herself go. 

Her arms are strong, 

but her hair is so long it can’t help but get in the way of all her day-to-day activities.

She’s not pitying herself, but she’s being honest enough about her appearance to realize that 

she doesn’t have the right amount of vanity to be like Penelope. 

She would like things to change about herself–especially her hair–but it takes too much effort and money (and time) to make these changes happen. 

So she has the strength to take care of herself, but not enough personality or willpower or will or money or time to do anything about it.

When she sees a woman with perfect hair and makeup and jewelry and dresses 

 still takes care of herself and gets the house cleaned, she’ll be right there beside her, jealous.

Penelope is a good person at heart. 


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