The Reasons Why We Love Games


Games are a central part of how we understand the world today. They take us on epic journeys, allow us to create meaningful relationships with people around the globe, and teach critical thinking skills. Games have also been shown to change our moods and behavior in positive ways, which is why they’re becoming more integrated into education across disciplines.  Parasites word whizzle is a fun way to learn about human diseases and parasites. Also, the game is really fast paced that cranks up your adrenaline levels. In the game, you have to match 3 of the same symbols in a row on a 5×5 grid. The symbols are letters and each letter represents a different type of parasite or disease. This article discusses 10 interesting facts about video games that will change your perspective on gaming forever!

Video games give us the opportunity to do things we don’t normally do in our daily lives. Whether it’s flying or driving at supersonic speeds, or even saving someone from a burning building; the possibilities are endless.

The Reasons Why We Love Games :

1. Anticipation

Games can allow us to experience things that we can’t normally experience. They allow us to create our universe and give us a sense of freedom. The feeling of being able to do something that we couldn’t do otherwise is absolutely amazing. Some people also feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete a game, which brings this feeling even more. This is because games rely on self-determination and are often intrinsically rewarding.

2. Effort

Another reason why games are so popular is because they require a lot of effort. People enjoy having to exert mental energy to play the games. Some games, such as those that require puzzles, also challenge players to think about how the game works and strategize their moves accordingly. 

3. Creativity

Video Games allow us to live in a world of our own creation. They allow us to modify our environment and do what we want. They also allow us to make friends and play with them, and share our experiences with others.

4. A Sense of Accomplishment

People enjoy a sense of accomplishment when they beat a difficult game or finish one from start to finish. These games provide an opportunity for people to prove themselves as having superior skill and gaming attributes than others. Games that are difficult and require more skill are often more popular, because they give players a sense of self-worth.

5. Social

People like games because they allow them to meet people that they can relate to. People want to play games that are popular and will connect them with a large group of players. These types of games help players socialize by allowing them to share game experiences with others. They also allow people to make friends who they otherwise wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for their mutual interest in the same game.

6. Achievement

Players also enjoy the sense of achievement that comes from overcoming major challenges in order to finish a game and reach the end. This can be challenging for people who are perfectionists. But, if you look at it from the perspective of a video gamer, these games make you feel like you’re defeating something that’s been holding you back from achieving your goals.

7. Choice

Games give players freedom to make their own choices and decisions. This is why games with different outcomes and endings are popular among gamers as well as players who have this as a lifestyle choice. They enjoy the fact that they had to make a decision that will affect their life and career in a positive or negative way.

8. Gaming Ethos

A gamer has a unique perspective on life. This is why games are so much more than entertainment. Gaming is also an integral part of a person’s lifestyle including career choice and social aspect, which can’t be said for other hobbies or pastimes such as golf, fishing or sports. 

For example, someone who plays video games doesn’t easily make time for other activities that are less important to them and may never have time for them all in the first place. They also don’t see themselves as being part of a group because they’re not there to compete with others; they’re there to compete against their game characters.

9. Friends

It doesn’t matter if someone has famous friends or not. We want to hang out with people who we can relate to and like the same things as us. However, it’s hard to meet these people outside of work or school. But games are a common interest that people can engage in together, whether they live in the same neighborhood or in different states.

10. Mindfulness

Gaming is a creative outlet where players can get lost in another world and forget about their troubles for a while. It gives them an opportunity to escape and connect with others who are also experiencing life challenges. This is often why gamers like playing games together because it helps them feel connected during tough periods of time in their lives.


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